What services are being provided

Dorset Council provides early help projects and teams with a toolkit to assess and support families experiencing parental relationship distress.  The toolkit aims to improve the wellbeing of families (parents and children) and support family functioning. 

The organisation carrying out the assessment may share your answers to the toolkit questionnaires with Dorset Council for the purposes of: 

  • developing the toolkit and evaluating its effectiveness

  • evaluating the effectiveness of the current support available to families and identifying areas where support could be improved

  • improve our work with children by better understanding their perceptions of parental relationship distress and informing staff training. 

The personal information we need from you

Scoring from the child view tool pre and post support, including the child’s responses in relation to: 

  • the intensity and frequency of disagreements between parents

  • the extent to which the subject matter of the disagreements are related to the child

  • the emotional impact of the disagreements on the child

Whilst Dorset Council will receive all responses to the questions, it will only retain a summary for each of these areas and will promptly erase the individual question responses. 

Personal information about you from others 

Dorset Council may obtain feedback via surveys and focus groups held with the practitioners that complete the toolkit.  The information received will be of a general, anonymised nature and will not identify specific families or individuals.​ 

Who might use your personal information

Dorset Council may share anonymised statistical information derived from your personal data with other partner organisations, including: 

  • Dorset Council and your local authority (if different)

  • case study to be provided to EIF 

The data controller is Dorset Council 

Contact details for the data protection officer for Dorset Council.

What your information will be used for and the lawful basis for requesting and using it

Your information will be used for:  

  • ​improving the process of assessing parental relationship distress and to develop a strengths-based approach to the support offered 
  • better understanding the impact of parental relationship distress on children within their local area, including the availability of suitable support

The legal basis for using your information

​The legal basis for using your information is public task. 

The processing of this data will be carried out under S.1 Localism Act 2011 and Section 10 of the Children Act 2004. 

Who we share your personal information with

​The findings of the evaluation will be shared with the local authorities involved within the pilot – BCP, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Plymouth and Torbay. 

Information stored in, processed or accessible from countries outside the UK, EU or EEA countries

None of your information will be stored in, processed or accessible from countries outside the UK, EU or EEA countries.

How long your personal information will be kept

The pilot will cease by August 2021.

Your rights

For further information on each of those rights you can visit the Information Commissioner's Office.

How to complain

We hope that we can resolve any query or concern you raise about our use of your information.

The General Data Protection Regulation also gives you right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in the UK is the Information Commissionertelephone: 0303 123 1113.

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