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Minutes of the Dorset Community Safety Partnership meeting - 4 October 2018


Core membership:

Core membership attendees
Cllr Kerby (Chair) North Dorset District Council
Cllr Pipe (Vice Chair) Purbeck District Council 
Cllr Butler East Dorset District Council
Cllr Thacker West Dorset District Council
Cllr Byatt Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Cllr Brookes Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority
Verena Cooper Clinical Commissioning Group
Chief Insp. Peter Browning Dorset Police
Chief Insp. Ian Roe Dorset Police
Supt Caroline Naughton Dorset Police
Duncan Ireland  National Probation Service


David Webb Youth Offending Service
Julie Anne Jones Community Rehabilitation Company
Cllr Johnson DAPTC
Graham Duggan Dorset Councils Partnership
Peter Davies Dorset Councils Partnership
Andy Frost Dorset County Council
Mary Taylor Dorset County Council
Ian Grant Dorset County Council
Julia Howlett Christchurch and East Dorset Councils
Laura Brewer Purbeck District Council
Will Haydock Public Health


  • Cllr Davis (Christchurch BC)
  • Ian Grant (Dorset County Council)
  • Pam O'Shea (CCG)
  • Paul Leiveres (DCC)

In attendance:

  • Kim Bennett (DCC Adult Services)
  • Kay Wilson-White (DCC)
  • Paula Stott (DCC) attended to take the minutes
  • Cllr Iyenger (Chair CSCJB) attended for part of the meeting

No 1

Item - Minutes of meeting held on 14 June 2018 and matters arising

No 1.1
Item - The minutes held on 14 June 2018 were agreed.

No 1.2 
Item - 2.6 Public Satisfaction / Perception Analysis

  • Dorset Police summarised the consultation results that were sent out with the agenda and papers for this meeting

No 1.3 
Item - 4.4 Recovery Hub Update

  • A formal response from Cllr Butler was sent out with the agenda and papers for this meeting. The response highlighted that despite considerable efforts from Public Health Dorset, local treatment providers and a range of other partners they were unable to find a site that was available, affordable and acceptable to all parties. As a result, the agreed timetable for delivery could not be met and the money had to be returned

No 1.4

  • All partners remain committed to supporting people affected by substance misuse and conversations continue about how we can work better together in the future will take place

No 1.5

  • It was agreed that the CSP need to develop an agreed position regarding the Hub and this will be added to the next agenda. Matt Prosser will be attending the December meeting of the group
  • Action - AF

No 1.6
Item - 8.6 Review locality working

  • This is on the forward plan and the aim is to bring a paper to the December meeting

No 1.7
Item - 11.2 and 11.3 LGR/CSP and Restorative Justice

  • Both items have been added to the forward plan for the CSP

No 1.8

  • Matters arising referring to paragraphs 3.6, 3.7, 7.7, 8.6, 10.3 of the previous minutes are covered on the agenda

No 2

Item - Community Safety Plan 2017-2020

No 2.1

  • Andy Frost gave an overview of the Community Safety Plan 2017-2020 and the 2018/19 annual refresh

No 2.2

  • The annual refresh had been discussed at the previous meeting and as a result the plan reflected the findings of relevant public consultation and highlighted rural crime and county lines

No 2.3

  • An EQIA is in progress regarding the revised plan which highlighted several positive impacts regarding people with protected characteristics

No 2.4

  • Cllr Byatt asked that the need for the safe disposal of drug paraphernalia in the Weymouth area is recognised as an issue in the plan. It was agreed the plan should be amended to include work to address problems associated with needles and drug paraphernalia in this area under the activity to address ASB. The actions to address this issue would be detailed in the delivery plan
  • Action - AF

No 2.5

  • The group also wanted to make criminal exploitation of vulnerable people more prominent in the plan. References to YOS and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority would also be amended
  • Action - AF

No 2.6 

  • The plan was agreed subject to the amendments requested under paragraph 2.4 and 2.5 and subject to any changes required as a result of the EQIA process

No 2.7

  • Once agreed, the Community Safety Plan should be formally adopted by individual partners. Advice is being taken in relation to local authority adoption given Local Government Reorganisation

The meeting was closed from this point onwards.

No 3

Item - Performance and Delivery Report – Question 1 2018/19

No 3.1

  • Kim Bennett presented the report giving an update on Q1 against the CSP priorities

No 3.2

  • It was noted:

    • total crime is at its highest monthly figure for three years
    • anti-social behaviour had been decreasing over the previous three quarters
    • Purbeck was the only area that had seen an increase in ASB
    • despite the decreases the level of those worried about ASB had increased this quarter
    • Melcombe Regis continues to be an area of focus and for Qtr. 1 it was noted total crime had increased
    • the trend for domestic abuse incidents continues to decrease, whereas the trend for crimes is increasing
    • sexual Offences against Children/Young People have risen by 67% since Q1 2017/18

No 3.3

  • In response the group noted:

    • the increase in domestic abuse crimes is linked to the improved recording of domestic abuse by the police. DorPol are targeting serial offenders of domestic abuse and are utilising body worn cameras to improve prosecution outcomes
    • the decrease in ASB could be due to changes in recording where previous ASB may now be viewed as a crime
    • there is now a dedicated pro-active policing team in Melcombe Regis which will have an impact on the number of crimes recorded

No 3.4

  • The group requested further insight regarding the increases in child sexual offences and a report needs to be brought to the next CSP. This work needs to look at the context of the offences and whether the increase is due to historical cases of sexual abuse
  • Action - KB/IG

No 3.5

  • Once clarification has been provided Mary Taylor will link with the DSCB regarding how the partnership seeks to address this issue. This is not part of the current data set provided to the DSCB

No 3.6

  • Duncan Ireland agreed to send information from the NPS regarding this issue
  • Action - DI

No 4

Item - Locality updates

No 4.1

  • Representatives for each of the localities gave a verbal update on local issues in their area

No 4.2
Item - Weymouth and Portland

  • Cllr Byatt raised several community safety issues in Weymouth and Portland. Overall the issue of partnership working at ground level was seen as vital and an important factor in the development of the new Dorset Council. Cllr Byatt was keen to ensure community safety roles and responsibilities were clearly defined in the new Council including having a clear and developed Communication Strategy

No 4.3

  • The Rodwell Trail continues to be an area of concern. Police and partners agreed that increasing the numbers of those employed under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) might be a solution although an evaluation of their effectiveness so far needs to be conducted first. The group supported a positive press statement by Dorset Councils Partnership regarding the positive aspects of the area and the work to tackle the low levels of crime
  • Action - GD

No 4.4

  • Cllr Byatt also detailed the development of a Community Hub in the town centre when the Community Safety Team, Police and CSAS Officers would have a visible presence

No 4.5

  • The group supported the development of a community hub, pro-active positive communications about areas which have misrepresented in social media and gave support to the further use of CSAS Officers in the future when and where appropriate

No 4.6
Item - West Dorset

  • There has been a reduction in ASB in West Dorset. A Criminal Behaviour Order has been issued recently and a Closure Order for a premise in Dorchester. Begging in Dorchester is an emerging issue which the local PCG is monitoring. It was agreed this is an issue which needs to be addressed through intervention and prevention rather than enforcement. It was agreed that an update would be brought to the next CSP regarding this issue
  • Action - PD

No 4.7
Item - North Dorset

  • Rural crime has been the focus in North Dorset and positive relationships have been made with farming communities. Graham Duggan agreed to explore further solutions to this issue and assess whether further council enforcement officers are needed
  • Action - GD

No 4.8
Item - Purbeck

  • The main issue in Purbeck is intractable ASB cases. It was agreed further details would be provided outside of the meeting and if necessary followed up with Children Services
  • Action LB

No 4.9
Item - East Dorset

  • Rural crime is an issue in East Dorset and the Rural Crime Team is a relatively small team to deal with the issue. It was noted Parish Councils are a useful source of information and a good route of communication with rural areas. Dorset Police are currently looking at their engagement with Parish Councils and other local community groups. Karen Graham has been working with Parish Council to publicise the work to address rural crime

No 4.10

  • Youth ASB is an issue in Wimborne and partners are working together to address this

No 4.11
Item - Christchurch

  • Julia Howlett updated the CSP on the need to be locally compliant with the new Data Protection Act 2018, particularly with regard to the community trigger process. It was agreed this would be addressed through the Community Safety Stakeholders meeting

No 5

Item - County lines

No 5.1

  • Supt Caroline Naughton gave a presentation detailing how the national issue of County Lines had become a local issue to Dorset, what the CSP can do to support work to tackle it and how we manage this issue alongside the Safeguarding Boards

No 5.2

  • Supt Naughton suggested a future response should focus on:

    • delivery of the CEV Framework and delivery plan with buy in (and adoption) from partners and stakeholders

    • multi-agency

    • a combined focus on safeguarding, enforcement, disruption and diversion

    • the introduction of a vulnerability assessment tool
    • the implementation of a digital platform to share assessments and record and task actions

    • extending the debate to influence future charging and sentencing guidelines

    • developing adult safeguarding 

No 5.3

  • The group recognised that although this is a criminal issue it needs to be tackled alongside safeguarding those vulnerable to exploitation. All partners at the meeting agreed they would support work to address county lines where possible. An update will be brought to the December meeting of the group
  • Action - CN

No 6

Item - Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI)

No 6.1

  • Mary Taylor presented a report on the recent JTAI which focused on Child Sexual Exploitation, children involved in gangs and County Lines and children home-schooled or missing from education

No 6.2

  • The inspection noted some positive work including progress regarding the assessment process and the re-invigorating social work initiative. However, it was agreed there were areas where partners were not working effectively together to keep children safe.  There were 3 priority actions, two were for Dorset Children’s Services and one was for the partnership
  • A new model has been developed which will address issues of intelligence gathering and sharing, and this has been agreed as a Pan-Dorset model, which will support good information sharing leading to better outcomes for children

No 6.3

  • Partners,  are preparing a written statement of proposed action to address the findings. This has been developed by a multi-agency operational group which meets weekly and endorsed by a strategic group that meets fortnightly. Once agreed by the Joint inspectorate the action plan will be circulated to the group to see the role of the CSP in delivery

No 6.4

  • It was agreed an update would be brought to the next CSP which detailed progress against the action plan and the role of the CSP in delivering the plan

  • Action - MT

No 7

Item - Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR)

No 7.1

  • Kay Wilson-White gave an update regarding current DHRs

No 7.2

  • Progress regarding the actions from DHR 4 and DHR 5 were noted

No 7.3

  • The group noted the decision to conduct a further DHR (DHR D6) following a recent murder in Dorset that met the criteria for a DHR. Following advice from the Senior Investigating Officer at Dorset Police the group supported the recommendation to wait until the conclusion of criminal proceedings before proceeding with DHR D6. It is likely the criminal proceedings will be concluded by March 2019 and an overview report should be completed within a further six months of this date

No 7.4

  • As part of the initial scoping for DHR D6 initial lessons were identified which will be actioned in the near future. The Independent Office for Police Conduct is holding an investigation in to the police conduct in this case and the Coroner’s Office may also hold an inquest. Kay Wilson White stressed the importance of working together to avoid duplication and putting undue stress on the victim’s family/friends

No 7.5

  • The group noted the victim in DHR D6 was murdered in an area currently covered by the Dorset CSP. From April 2019 the local authority boundaries will change and the area where the victim was murder in will come under a different CSP

No 7.6

  • The CSP agreed it made sense for Dorset CSP to start the DHR process (in accordance with the statutory guidance) however it should be transferred to the CSP covering the new Local Authority area on April 1 2019. The Home Office will be made aware of this decision

No 7.7

  • Kay Wilson White then presented the Partnership Information Sharing Protocol which had been developed with safeguarding colleagues to ensure information sharing by our partnership complied with the new Data Protection legislation

No 7.8

  • The group agreed the document recognising there might be minor changes requested by partners before signing off. It was agreed this, and the privacy notice could be signed off by the Chair and Vice Chair ahead of the next meeting

No 7.9

  1. progress in relation to the current DHRs was noted
  2. the CSP note the decision to conduct a further DHR (DHR D6)
  3. the CSP agree to wait until the conclusion of criminal proceedings before commencing DHR D6
  4. the CSP agree the future governance arrangements for the conduct of this review outlined in paragraphs 2.18 and 2.19 in the report
  5. members of the CSP agree the Partnership Information Sharing Agreement (Appendix 3) and that relevant agencies are approached for their agreement and signature
  6. members of the CSP delegate agreement for the final version of the Personal Information Sharing Agreement and Privacy Notice to the Chair and Vice Chair of the CSP

No 8

Item - Future of Dorset CSP

No 8.1

  • Andy Frost updated the group on a letter received from the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of Dorset Police regarding attendance and priorities at the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Group

No 8.2

  • It was agreed Dorset CSP has always retained good attendance although this represents a good opportunity to look at the membership of the CSP from 1 April 2019

No 8.3

  • The CSP agreed they wanted to maintain the profile of locality work within the new CSP

No 8.4

  • It was agreed that the question of local authority representation needed to be fed in to the LGR work. It was also agreed the new council must have a lead member and brief holder for community safety

No 8.5

  • Cllr Kerby will raise the issue with Pauline Batstone and Spencer Flower to seek their views of local authority representation on the CSP. The CSP can then form a recommendation to the relevant authority/authorities for consideration
  • Action - Cllr Kerby

No 9

Item - Forward Plan

No 9.1

  • The forward plan for the December 2018 and March 2019 meetings will be added to following the agreed actions from the meeting

No 10

Item - Any other business

No 10.1

  • It was agreed that the meeting on 14 March 2019 will be moved to South Walks House

No 10.2

  • Cllr Thacker thanked the representatives from Dorset Police for attending the meeting and raising members awareness of key issues

No 10.3

  • Julie Anne Jones introduced herself and her role at the Dorset Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company. The Chair thanked her for her attendance

Date of Next Meeting: 

  • 10am on 17 December 2018, Committee Room 1, County Hall, Dorchester
  • 10am on 14 March 2019. Venue to be confirmed












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