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Minutes of the Dorset Community Safety Partnership meeting - 17 June 2019


Core membership:

Core membership
Cllr Andrew Kerby Dorset Council
Cllr Gill Taylor Dorset Council 
Cllr David Gray Dorset Council
Cllr Kelvin Clayton Dorset Council
Cllr Graham Carr-Jones Dorset Council
Cllr Bill Pipe Dorset Council
Cllr Byron Quayle Fire Authority
Suzie Hawkins Clinical Commissioning Group
Julie Anne Jones Community Rehabilitation Company
Supt Caroline Naughton Dorset Police
Paula Higgins

National Probation Service


Cllr K D Johnson DAPTC
Cllr Molly Rennie Domestic Abuse Forum
David Webb Youth Offending Team
Mathew Kendall Dorset Council
Rebecca Kirk Dorset Council
Peter Davies Dorset Council
Desney Rendall Office of the PCC
Andy Frost Dorset Council
Dave Graham DWFRS
Sarah Moore DWFRS
Ian Grant Dorset Council
Kay Wilson-White Dorset Council
Karen Graham Dorset Council
Jenni Boddy Dorset Council
Mary Taylor Dorset Council


  • Jonathan Carter (Dorset Council)

  • John Sellgren (Dorset Council)

  • Graham Duggan (Dorset Council)

  • Jason Mumford (Office of the PCC)

In attendance:

Jude Shepherd (DC) attended to take the minutes.

No 1

Item - Election of Chair and Vice Chair

No 1.1

  • Cllr Kerby was elected Chair and Cllr Pipe elected Vice Chair. Members of the group agreed that both positions should be for a period of one year

No 2

Item - Terms of Reference

No 2.1

  • Members of the group discussed the requirement for the CSP to hold one public meeting a year in association with priority setting and planning and whether all CSP meetings should be held in public

No 2.2

  • It was noted that as the CSP was not a local authority committee there was no obligation, and that most CSPs did not, hold their regular meetings in public

No 2.3

  • Members of the group decided not to hold their regular meetings in public due to the discussions that needed to take place. However, it was considered important to engage the public and interested groups in community safety work and agreed that Cllrs Taylor and Rennie would lead on taking that work forward.
  • Action - Cllrs Taylor and Rennie

No 3 

Item - Minutes of meeting held on 14 March 2019 and matters arising

No 3.1

  • 1.1 Andy Frost and Ian Grant had met with the officers coordinating the Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI). Kay Wilson White is working with JTAI leads in respect of County Lines to ensure all partnership work is aligned

No 3.2

  • 1.3 The national report concerning public perceptions of crime would be send to CSP members when it is available

  • Action - Jason Mumford

No 3.3

  • 1.4 It was confirmed that the Melcombe Regis Board is now chaired by John Sellgren (Director of Place, Dorset Council). A development day had been scheduled for 21 June 2019 when the group’s governance arrangements would be reviewed. A full report would be presented at the next CSP meeting

  • Action - John Sellgren

No 3.4

  • 1.5 Pete Davies had discussed the issue of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in North Dorset with Inspector Simon Perry. In his opinion there was no need to change the current arrangements in the area

No 3.5

  • Cllr Kerby requested a report on the current PSPOs and their use across Dorset at the next meeting to ensure they are being implemented consistently.

  • Action - Pete Davies

No 3.6

  • 2.12 Pete Davies had spoken to Claire Shiels (Children's Services, Dorset Council) and they would meet to look at transport and safeguarding.

  • Action - Pete Davies

No 3.7

  • 3.5  Kay Wilson White gave an update regarding County Lines. She confirmed two meetings had been held across the pan Dorset area between the CSPs and Safeguarding Boards to ensure there were clear pathways for those vulnerable to exploitation and clear governance and accountability amongst the partnerships

No 3.8

  • It was clear from these discussions that there were clear pathways for ALL children at risk of exploitation and vulnerable locations

No 3.9

  • The Safeguarding Adults Boards have included adults vulnerable to exploitation as a priority for 2019/20 and will develop pathways and governance for those adults with care and support needs

No 3.10

  • The identified gap related to those ‘vulnerable adults’ who do not meet the legal framework to classify as vulnerable adults. Kay will draft a letter on behalf of partners to distribute to their strategic leads about how to meet the needs of vulnerable adults that don't meet the statutory thresholds and bring a report to the next meeting of the group

  • Action - Kay Wilson-White

No 3.11

  • 9.7 It was confirmed the review of MARAC, as part of the whole system approach to domestic abuse, is now in the pan-Dorset workplan

No 4

Item - Performance and delivery report

No 4.1

  • Total crime had increased by 9% though much of this increase was due to changes in recording practices where more incidents had been recorded as crimes (for example the reclassification of some forms of anti-social behaviour to public order)

No 4.2

  • In addition, each individual offence against a person is now recorded as a separate crime (previously they were recorded as a single crime against the person). This had already been highlighted in the work looking at serious sexual offences against children

No 4.3

  • It was agreed that this year, partners should take a more performance management focused approach to their work where more context is provided on local problems and attention is given to understanding the impact of actions. Although this has been an ambition of the group for some time the availability of non-Police data has been an issue. Jenni Boddy will lead the development of the framework for 2019/20

  • Action - Jenni Boddy

No 4.4

  • The group discussed the use of comparative data from other areas. It was acknowledged this was helpful in terms of assessing whether the trends we are seeing across Dorset are also seen nationally and where areas have successfully addressed a specific issue and how

No 4.5

  • Cllr David Gray noted the 35% increase in ASB and asked at what point ASB became a crime.  Supt Naughton advised that there is national guidance on crime recording and if incidents meet the criteria they are recorded as crimes straight away even if no further action is taken 

No 4.6

  • Julie Ann Jones suggested that if crime recording practices changed, it was difficult for the group to compare data with previous years. Ian Grant confirmed this was demonstrated in the deep dive study regarding sexual offences against children which showed significant changes due to changes in crime recording practices. This information had been given to the Dorset Safeguarding Children’s Board to provide context for their work

No 5

Item - Community Safety Plan

No 5.1

  • Andy Frost presented a report on the annual refresh of the Community Safety Plan. It was a statutory requirement for the CSP to produce a three-year plan that was refreshed annually.  The current plan covered the period 2017-2020 and 2019/20 would be the final annual refresh.  In line with requirements placed on CSPs, this agenda item was held open to the public

No 5.2

  • It was confirmed the Equalities Impact Assessment completed on the refreshed plan had been approved, subject to minor amendments, and there were no changes required to the Community Safety Plan

No 5.3

  • Andy Frost explained the process for having the refreshed plan formally adopted by Dorset Council. Once signed off by the CSP the plan would go to the Council’s Place Scrutiny Committee (it’s formal Crime and Disorder Committee) in the autumn, along with a number of other statutory plans, with a recommendation, via Cabinet, to Full Council for adoption

No 5.4

  • Cllr Johnson raised concerns that the autumn was late in the year. Andy Frost explained that it was for the CSP to develop and implement the plan and once it had been signed off by the group at today’s meeting, work would begin to implement it

No 5.5

  • It was agreed that taking the Plan through the Council’s scrutiny committee was a helpful way to ensure councillors were sighted on partners’ community safety work. It was also agreed to have an open invitation for the Chair of Place Scrutiny to attend CSP meetings to build a better understanding of the CSP’s work. Cllr Kerby will arrange to meet with the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee in the meantime

  • Action - Cllr Kerby

No 5.6

  • Cllr Rennie asked how the CSP seeks the views of communities and hard to reach groups. The group acknowledged this had proved difficult in the past, despite trying various approaches, and welcomed giving this area a renewed focus

No 5.7

  • Cllr Taylor and Cllr Rennie agreed to take forward work in this area, linking in with the Council’s and other partners’ wider engagement and communication work

  • Action - Cllrs Rennie and Taylor

No 5.8

  • It was agreed to send the refreshed Community Safety Plan to members of the Police and Crime Panel and the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole CSP for information

  • Action - Andy Frost

Resolved - The Community Safety Plan 2017-2020 (2019/20 refresh) was agreed.

No 6

Item - 2019/20 Work Plans and Performance Framework

No 6.1

  • Ian Grant introduced this item and explained that partners had developed work plans after considering the priorities and findings of the annual Partnership Strategic Assessment (PSA)

No 6.2

  • The group noted that the pan-Dorset Community Safety & Criminal Justice Board (CSCJB) leads on shared strategic issues such as domestic abuse, sexual violence, serious crime and exploitation, prevent and modern slavery

No 6.3

  • The CSPs focused on local matters including those relating to public order and anti-social behaviour, acquisitive crime and non-domestic violent crime

No 6.4

  • Ian explained that the workplan was a working document that would develop and evolve over the course of the year

No 6.5

  • Jenni Boddy outlined the development of a new dashboard for monitoring progress against community safety priorities and performance. The dashboard would be more intuitive and a much ‘smarter’ way to monitor performance

No 6.6

  • The group welcomed the approach recognising they may need training to maximise the functionality of the dashboard. It was agreed training would be available. Cllr Johnston was willing to act as a tester for the system

  • Action - Jenni Boddy

No 6.7 

  • Cllr Kerby asked that if the dashboard was not in place by the next meeting that the group still had the standard performance information to allow monitoring to continue

No 6.8

  • The framework would be further developed this year to include wider sources of data and focus increasingly on impact and outcomes of the actions undertaken


  • the Work Plan for 19/20 was noted
  • the intention to develop partners’ performance framework was noted

No 7

Item - Safe and Independent Living - SAIL

No 7.1

  • Sarah Moore from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service gave a presentation on the Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) initiative. SAIL is a partnership between local authorities, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Police, voluntary organisations, local groups and services, Age UK and local health services

No 7.2

  • SAIL provides people with additional support, services or information, including home safety checks, benefit checks, debt advice, signposting to local services and so on

No 7.3

  • The scheme costs approx. £12,000 per annum and funding is in place until April 2020. The scheme is being relaunched and events will be held in Dorchester and Poole

No 7.4

  • Cllr Johnson confirmed that the DAPTC is aware of the scheme and that he will remind the Town and Parish Clerks of its existence at their next meeting

No 7.5

  • Cllr Rennie asked about including additional questions concerning an individual’s safety in the home e.g. is someone hurting you? Sarah agreed to attend the Dorset Domestic Abuse Forum to discuss the scheme

No 7.6

  • Mathew Kendall mentioned how important it was to be able to explain the impact of the work in terms of outcomes in order to attract funding. Sarah explained as resources are limited it was harder to develop outcome data. Cllr Qualye agreed to raise this with the Fire Authority. It was agreed that once collated, it would be helpful for members of the CSP to have sight of performance data

No 7.7

  • Mathew Kendall and Rebecca Kirk agreed to distribute forms throughout Housing and Adults Services

  • Action - Mathew Kendall / Rebecca Kirk

No 8

Item - Restorative Dorset

No 8.1

  • The group noted this item will be on the agenda for the October meeting

No 9

Item - DHR update

No 9.1

  •  Cllr Pipe proposed, and Cllr Taylor seconded that the meeting was closed for this item

No 9.2

  • Kay Wilson White introduced the report outlining the statutory responsibility for Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) and the role of the CSP in this process.  She confirmed for new members of the group that local guidance had been produced which complimented the national guidance

No 9.3

  • One of the CSP’s responsibilities was to monitor DHRs and the report gave a summary of progress regarding those reviews that remain open

No 9.4

  • The group noted that DHR D6 was transferred to BCP CSP on 1st April 2019. Along with the review, BCP CSP had picked up responsibility for ensuring the initial actions from the review were taken forward including the review of MARAC in the context of the wider support system available to victims of domestic abuse

No 9.5

  • This recommendation had also been included in the domestic abuse delivery plan for 2019/20

No 9.6

  • In terms of DHR D7, in March 2019 Dorset Police notified the Chair of the CSP of a death that potentially met the criteria for a DHR. A scoping panel was convened and recommended to the Chair of the CSP that the case did meet the criteria for a review, Cllr Kerby accepted the recommendation and the Home Office were notified

No 9.7

  • The Senior Investigating Officer from Dorset Police has asked the CSP to pend the DHR as investigations are ongoing. The group agreed to this request

No 9.8

  • Kay confirmed that Dorset Police had recently notified the CSP of a further homicide that may meet the criteria for a DHR. The scoping panel is due to meet to discuss this case shortly and following this a recommendation will be made to the Chair whether to proceed with a DHR

No 9.9

  • Cllr Pipe asked if there were outstanding actions from previous DHRs. Kay confirmed the main outstanding actions related to the need to review the MARAC and a further action concerning the introduction of a whole family approach to domestic abuse. This action was being taken forward by the Safeguarding Boards and officers were seeking regular updates from them

No 9.10

  • Kay outlined the funding arrangements for the current and future DHRs. There is currently sufficient funding to cover the costs of DHR D7, but it is unlikely the remaining funding will meet the costs if DHR D8 proceeds to full review

No 9.11

  • The group noted that in this case it will be necessary to implement the agreed funding formula involving Dorset Police, Dorset CCG and Dorset Council


  • Progress in relation to the current DHRs was noted
  • The group agreed to pend DHR D7 while investigations are ongoing

The group acknowledged the notification of a further potential review (DHR D8).

No 10

Item - Forward Plan

No 10.1

  • It was confirmed that the presentation on Restorative Justice would be on the agenda of the next meeting

No 10.2

  • Cllr Kerby asked whether a performance report on children and serious sexual offences should be brought to the next meeting. Mary Taylor explained the work undertaken in two areas – how children’s services can better support children and young people who had experienced a sexual offence and sharing partner intelligence regarding child sexual exploitation

No 10.3

  • Mary confirmed that the Dorset Safeguarding Children Board will cease to exist later this year and is being replaced with a single pan Dorset Board. It was agreed this issue would be taken forward by the new Safeguarding Board

No 10.4

  • It was agreed a meeting of the core membership would be held to discuss the forward plan and the role of core members

  • Action - Chair

No 11

Item - Any other business

No 11.1

  • There was a discussion regarding the Partnership Coordinating Groups (PCGs) and ensuring there are formal reports on local activity at each CSP

No 11.2

  • PCGs are currently co-terminus with the previous district/borough council areas.  The groups are being reviewed to ensure consistency whilst maintaining a local focus. This work is also looking at ensuring the correct representation from partners

No 11.3

  • Cllr Kerby requested a formal report on the work of PCGs is brought to each meeting. It was confirmed that if needed, members of the group could contact locality leads to discuss any neighbourhood issues

Date of Next Meeting: 10am on 10 October 2019 in Committee Room 1, County Hall 

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