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Minutes of the Dorset Community Safety Partnership meeting - 17 December 2018


Core membership:

 Cllr Kerby (Chair)  North Dorset District Council
 Cllr Batstone (from Item 3) Dorset County Council
Cllr Bernie Davis Christchurch and East Dorset Councils 
 Cllr Thacker  West Dorset District Council
 Cllr Byatt  Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
 Cllr Brookes (from Item 3)  Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority
 Verena Cooper  Clinical Commissioning Group
 Julie Anne Jones  Community Rehabilitation Company
 Supt Caroline Naughton  Dorset Police


 Cllr K D Johnson  DAPTC
 Stuart Caundle (For Item 3)  Dorset Councils Partnership
 Graham Duggan  Dorset Councils Partnership
 Peter Davies  Dorset Councils Partnership
 Jason Mumford  OPCC
 Paul Leivers  Dorset County Council
 Mark Ayles  Dorset County Council
 Ian Grant  Dorset County Council
 Kay Wilson-White  Dorset County Council
 Julia Howlett  Christchurch and East Dorset Councils
 Karen Graham  Purbeck District Council
Nicky Cleave Public Health


  • Cllr Pipe (Purbeck District Council)

  • Andy Frost (DCC)

  • Chief Insp. Peter Browning (Dorset Police)

  • Chief Insp. Ian Roe (Dorset Police)

  • David Webb (Youth Offending Service)

  • Cllr Butler (EDDC)

  • Jonathan Carter (DCC)

  • Mary Taylor (DCC)

In attendance:

Jenni Boddy (DCC) and Jude Shepherd (DCC) attended to take the minutes.

No 1

Item - Minutes of meeting held on 4 October 2018 and matters arising

No 1.1

  • The minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2018 were agreed.

No 1.2
Item - 1.5 Recovery Hub update

  • It was confirmed that the funding for the Recovery Hub had been returned. Public Health England have changed the focus for funding in 2018-19 and it is unlikely the project will qualify for this funding

No 1.3

  • The CSP continue to recognise the importance of a Recovery Hub in Dorset and it was agreed that if funding was available the group would support an application

No 1.4
Item - 2. Community Safety Plan 2017 - 2020

  • It was confirmed that the funding for the Recovery Hub had been returned. Public Health England have changed the focus for funding in 2018-19 and it is unlikely the project will qualify for this funding

No 1.5
Item - 4. Locality Updates

  • 4.8 Purbeck - The issue relating to the intractable ASB case has been resolved in conjunction with Children Services

No 1.6

  • 4.11 Christchurch The Personal Data Exchange Agreement (PDEA) has been updated by Dorset Police to comply with the new Data Protection regulations. This will enable the sharing of personal data at Partnership Delivery Groups. All partners will need to sign up to the PDEA

No 1.7
Item - 6.4. Joint Targeted Area Inspection

  • Both the strategic and operational groups established to oversee the Joint Targeted Area Inspection (JTAI) are in place and due to meet in January. It was noted there are several attendees on the CSP and JTAI groups. Any action required by the CSP will be reported to the March meeting of the group

  • Action - MT

No 1.8

  • Matters arising referring to paragraphs 3.4, 3.6, 4.3, 4.6, 4.7, 5.3 and 8.5 of the previous minutes are all covered on the agenda.

No 2

Item - Performance and Delivery Report Q2 2018/19 

No 2.1

  • Mark Ayles introduced the performance report. The group noted the rising trend in total crime continues where both Q1 and Q2 are higher than the previous year. Following further analysis there does not appear to be a clear identifiable reason for this increase. The group requested that Q3 report included some comparative figures from other similar areas

  • Action - MA/JB

No 2.2

  • Total crime for 2018/19 continues to increase in Melcombe Regis compared with the same period last year. Supt. Caroline Naughton stated that this could be attributed to the introduction of a dedicated policing team which is having significant impact. There has been a reduction in violent crime in the area but an increase in crime related to County Lines

No 2.3

  • Cllr Byatt requested that officers explore the details behind the figures for Melcombe Regis to enable a narrative to be developed for the public
  • Action - PD

No 2.4

  • Bestival had also made an impact on total crime and a decision will be taken in January whether Bestival will go ahead in 2019

No 2.5

  • The group noted that ASB has decreased across the county during 2018/19 compared with the previous year. However, this is not reflected in the public’s perception of ASB. It was agreed the Community Safety Stakeholders Group would look at this and develop a positive message regarding ASB and utilise existing groups/partnerships to disseminate

  • Action - CSSG

No 2.6

  • The group noted there would be research conducted at a national level to look at public perceptions of crime and what drives the publics perception. A report would be produced late April/May. The CSP would welcome sight of the report when released

  • Action - JM

No 2.7

  • Ian Grant presented the performance report in terms of domestic abuse and sexual violence. 

No 2.8

  • The group noted there had been various of pieces of work completed in relation to domestic abuse since the last meeting including:

    • developing a communications plan linking with Public Health for 16 days of raising awareness and action
    • a Domestic Abuse Training framework had been developed
    • guidance regarding Adolescent to Parent Violence has been produced
    • further work to look at the Whole Systems approach
    • a Domestic Abuse lead has been identified in every GP practice
    • funding was secured totalling £1.3m across Dorset, Hampshire and IOW
    • further aligning delivery planning across Safeguarding Boards

No 2.9

  • Ian Grant also detailed the main achievements in relation to the priority concerning sexual violence and child sexual exploitation. This included a Communications Campaign and further work with the Safeguarding Boards

No 2.10

  • At the previous CSP meeting the group had asked for further explanation regarding the increase in sexual offences against children/young people. Dorset Police have looked at this and have a series of hypotheses regarding the increase. The group noted the numbers of offences are small, but the increases are significant and concerning

No 2.11

  • Dorset county are seeing an increase in these offences in line with the rest of the country and locally the increase may have been influenced by Pants campaign, development of MASH and improved recording. There is no evidence that the increases are linked to historical offences

No 2.12

  • The DSCB are progressing with a deep dive in to this area and it was agreed officers from the CSP would work with DSCB on this issue. The CSP will request the data from the work of the DSCB to be reported at the next meeting of the CSP

  • Action - IG

No 2.13

  • Regarding positive outcomes for serious sexual offences Cllr Davis asked why the number is so low. Supt Naughton confirmed Dorset Police need to complete a deep dive to see why this is and will report to the group at the next meeting

  • Action - CN

No 2.14

  • It was agreed a copy of the presentation accompanying this agenda item would be sent to partners following the meeting

  • It was agreed that Agenda Item 4 would be presented next

  • Action - KWW

No 3 

Item - Melcombe Regis Board update

No 3.1

  • Graham Duggan updated the group regarding the work of the Melcombe Regis Programme Board. This was one of several reports to the CSP since the Board was established and it was recognised that the CSP had been disappointed by progress

No 3.2

  • The group noted some progress has been made including the development of a stronger local partnership for the area, improved access to housing, and the introduction of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). There were however challenges, and these could be grouped into three areas - limited resources, no clear governance and a narrow focus on a single area rather than issues that cut across other areas in the Borough

No 3.3

  • The group welcomed Stuart Caudle who has recently been appointed Chair of the Melcombe Regis Board. The group noted that an update report would be presented to the Melcombe Regis Board in January and the Chair welcomed the CSP’s views on the way forward to inform this report

No 3.4

  • Members of the group raised concern regarding the future governance arrangements for the Board following LGR. Until now the governance had rested with the Dorset Councils Partnership however, the overriding concern was that the focus on this area could be lost as the new Dorset Council establishes its priorities. Although it was recognised that the work of the Board is wider than crime and community safety, it was agreed that for the short term the CSP as a statutory body, could give the governance needed

No 3.5

  • Cllr Kerby proposed, and the group agreed that the governance for Melcombe Regis Board should rest with the CSP in the short term and that this should be presented to the next meeting of the Melcombe Regis Board for consideration

  • Action - SC

No 3.6

  • The group acknowledged that it was important soon after it is established Dorset Council should recognise and prioritise Melcombe Regis and Weymouth and Portland as a locality with poor outcomes on several issues – health, housing, community safety and so on

No 4

Item - Locality updates

Weymouth & Portland

No 4.1

  • It was confirmed discussions had taken place regarding the Rodwell Trail and an options appraisal carried out based on the evidence available. Appropriate and proportionate measures will be taken forward including improvements to the landscaping. Utilising officers from the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme will also be considered at a later date

No 4.2

  • There are currently four CSAS Officers in place. The development of a community safety hub in Weymouth town centre is still proposed. This will be a focal point for collaborative working and reassurance to the public. Julie Anne Jones asked that the Community Rehabilitation Company be included in discussions regarding the hub

No 4.3

  • Anti-Social Behaviour has reduced across Weymouth and Portland compared to the last quarter


No 4.4

  • The intractable case mentioned at the last meeting of the group has been resolved and there is now good engagement from a variety of partners in particular Children Services

No 4.5

  • The PDG works well and collectively on areas and people of interest. The PDG is aware of the increase in ASB and is seeking to address

West Dorset

No 4.6

  • One of the main issues in West Dorset is homelessness and begging. Reports from the public have been increasing on this issue. The area would welcome a countywide position on begging

North Dorset

No 4.7

  • Across West and North Dorset rural crime remains an issue. Officers are working with local farming groups to address the issue and a mobile ANPR camera is being consider

No 4.8

  • The area now has a dedicated ASB resources and as a result there are increased reports of neighbour disputes

No 4.9

  • Discussion took place about the Public Space Protection Order in North Dorset which has been under-utilised. It was agreed Dorset Police and officers from the District would work together to share data and develop an appropriate response

  • Action - CN/PD


No 4.10

  • It was confirmed there had been an increase in domestic burglaries in the Highcliffe area. Various crime prevention messages have been distributed

  • The PSPO for a car park has been extended which has been successful in preventing ASB

East Dorset

No 4.11

  • It was reported there had been strong partnership working with housing providers to address an issue of ASB. In addition, the Town Council and PACT have been working together on crime prevention initiatives

No 5

Item - Community Safety & Criminal Justice Board update

No 5.1

  • Kay Wilson-White presented a report form the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Board (CSCJB). As members are aware the Community Safety & Criminal Justice Board (CSCJB) is accountable to the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and must report to them formally on progress twice a year

No 5.2

  • Cllr Davis, who is a member of the CSCJB stated the report was a fair reflection of the Board’s work


  • Members of the group considered the report from the CSCJB

No 6

Item - County lines

No 6.1

  • Supt. Caroline Naughton gave an update on work to address County Lines. Locally there had been a visit from the County Lines National Coordination Centre who have provided a draft report to Dorset Police with recommendations. Once finalised it was agreed the report would be circulated to the CSP for information

  • Action - CN

No 6.2

  • Since the last CSP meeting there has been great progress to address this issue including:
    • the establishment of a dedicated police team
    • the establishment of a Gold group
    • good evidence of multi-agency working as part of the JTAI and DSCB event
    • extending the work completed in Weymouth to Bournemouth and Poole
    • development of intelligence products
    • a pilot of the Criminal Exploitation screening tool and vulnerability checker for children to be introduced from January 2019

No 6.3

  • The group discussed progress regarding County Lines and it was agreed that an agenda item should be on the March meeting of the group. By this time a draft partnership plan which the OPCC is leading should be available

  • Action - OPCC

No 7

Item - Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) update

No 7.1

  • Kay Wilson-White gave an update on progress against current DHRs and included a series of documents which had been updated ahead of local government reorganisation

No 7.2

  • Regarding DHR D4 and D5 the actions plans are almost complete and good progress has been made to address the recommendations from the reports

  • Since the last meeting the following have been completed

    • a domestic abuse audit
    • the development of a training framework for domestic abuse
    • improvements to GP practice in relation to domestic abuse
  • The development of a whole family approach to domestic abuse is being championed by the Safeguarding Boards and a business case for change will come out soon

No 7.3

  • It was noted that DHR 6 was pended until after the criminal trial. Officers had met with the IOPC and Coroners Officer who are also focusing on aspects of this homicide. Progress had been made at the meeting and the CSP will work with the Coroners Office and the IOPC during the development of this DHR

No 7.4

  • Although the review had been pended, in line with the statutory guidance, the review panel have identified early lessons from the scoping exercise and have requested prompt action to address these. These include:

    • review of the MARAC process
    • ensure safeguards (where relevant) are in place for all children in contact with the perpetrator particularly those not living with the current victim
    • develop a clear message regarding when/if to refer an adult victim of domestic abuse without consent if deemed to be at risk

No 7.5

  • Due to local government reorganisation the group noted it had been necessary to review the documentation for DHRs to ensure they reflect the changes in local authority boundaries. Several of these documents were appended to the covering report either for agreement or noting


  • progress in relation to the current DHRs was noted
  • the CSP noted progress in relation to DHR D6
  • members of the CSP agreed the revised DHR Pan Dorset Protocol (Appendix 1)
  • members of the CSP agreed the Partnership Information Sharing Agreement (Appendix 2) and that relevant agencies are approached for their agreement and signature
  • members of the CSP noted the funding agreement (Appendix 3)
  • members of the CSP agreed the Privacy statement which will be placed on D4U (Appendix 4)

No 8

Item - Priority Setting for 2019/20 presentation

No 8.1

  • The group received a presentation from Mark Ayles regarding the proposed priorities for 2019/2020

No 8.2

  • As in previous years the priorities will be agreed at a pan Dorset level and a pan Dorset Partnership Strategic Assessment will be produced. This assessment will inform the Dorset Community Safety Plan and delivery plan for 2019/2020

No 8.3

  • For the PSA the analysts will be using the MORILE assessment (Management of Risk in Law Enforcement) and this is recognised by Dorset Police and other police services as a useful assessment tool. The MORILE considers impact, organisations position and likelihood when looking at crime groups

No 8.4

  • Following the MORILE exercise the following have been identified as the top 5 priorities for 2019/2020
    • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
    • Serious Violence and Criminal Exploitation
    • Acquisitive crime
    • Public Order and ASB
    • Non-domestic violence
  • The group noted the findings of the PSA and look forward to the agreed priorities at the next meeting of the group

No 8.5

  • The timescale for the PSA which will include consultation with partners is tight and the final draft will be presented for agreement to the CSCJB late February

No 8.6

  • The group welcomed Jenni Boddy to the meeting who will be the performance analyst attending future CSP meetings

No 9

Item - Future of Dorset Community Safety Partnership

No 9.1

  • Kay Wilson White introduced the paper on the future Community Safety Partnership arrangements for the new Council area from April 1st 2019. The group noted there would be two Community Safety Partnerships following local government reorganisation, one for the Dorset Council area and one for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council area

No 9.2

  • The group noted there had been a ‘light touch’ review of the existing Terms of Reference to ensure they were fit for purpose from April 1st. The review was undertaken in conjunction with officers from Bournemouth and Poole and similar Terms of Reference are drafted for both partnerships

No 9.3

  • The group considered the Terms of Reference and requested the following amendments -

    • DAPTC should be added to the list of other members
    • the reference to the Safeguarding Boards needed correcting to Dorset area
    • replace the word ensure within the key areas of responsibility with a more suitable word
  • The group agreed the Terms of Reference subject to the above amendments

No 9.4

  • The group noted that Legal and Democratic services had given advice regarding local authority representation from 1 April 2019. They have advised representation will remain the same until the first meeting of the newly formed Dorset Council in May 2019 where future representation from the Local Authority will be agreed

No 9.5

  • As yet no further information has been forthcoming regarding the number of local authority members on the group. The group noted this is being taken forward by a different workstream within LGR. Local Authority members expressed the importance of maintaining local representation on the group to ensure local issues are raised and addressed

No 9.6

  • The legal advice had also clarified that the current CSP Chair can fulfil the statutory duty in relation to Domestic Homicide Reviews from 1 April 2019 until chairing arrangements are agreed at the first meeting of the CSP under the revised Terms of Reference

No 9.7

  • In terms of the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Board the group agreed that as the Board is not a statutory body, and the statutory duties it conducts on behalf of the CSP will be complete ahead of 31 March 2019, changes are not required to the Terms of Reference at this stage. A revised Terms of Reference for this group will be brought to the CSP during 2019/2020


  • That the proposed terms of reference for the Dorset Community Safety Partnership covering the Dorset Council area, were agreed subject to the changes in paragraph 9.3
  • That the proposed terms of reference for the Dorset Community Safety Partnership are now be recommended to statutory partners for adoption

No 10

Item - Forward Plan

No 10.1

  • The group noted the forward plan for the next meeting of the group. It was agreed this would also include:
    • an update regarding County Lines
    • further information regarding the increase in serious sexual offences against children

No 11

Item - Any other business

No 11.1

  • Julia Howlett will be joining Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council from April 1st 2019 and this was her last meeting. The Chair thanked her for her work on behalf of the Partnership and that it had been a pleasure to work with her over the last 9 years

Date of next meeting: 10.00am, 14 March 2019. South Walks House

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