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Minutes of the Dorset Community Safety Partnership meeting - 14 March 2019


Core membership:

Core membership attendees
Cllr Kerby (Chair) North Dorset District Council
Cllr Batstone Dorset County Council 
Cllr Bernie Davis Christchurch Borough Council
Cllr Bill Pipe Purbeck District Council
Cllr Steve Butler East Dorset District Council
Verena Cooper Clinical Commissioning Group


Cllr K D Johnson DAPTC
Chief Insp Jim Beashel Dorset Police
David Webb Youth Offending Team
Peter Davies Dorset Councils Partnership
Paul Leivers Dorset County Council
Andy Frost Dorset County Council
Ian Grant Dorset County Council
Kay Wilson-White Dorset County Council
Claire Shiels Dorset County Council
Karen Graham Purbeck District Council
Jenni Boddy Dorset County Council


  • Cllr Thacker (WDDC)
  • Cllr Byatt (W&PBC)
  • Jonathan Carter (DCC)
  • Graham Duggan (DCP)
  • Mary Taylor (DCC)
  • Julia Howlett (C&EDC)
  • Jason Mumford (OPCC)

In attendance:

Jude Shepherd (DCC) attended to take the minutes.

No 1

Item - Minutes of meeting held on 17 December 2018 and matters arising

No 1.1
Item - 1.7 Joint Targeted Area Inspection

  • No actions have been identified within the JTAI specifically for the CSP. Andy Frost and Ian Grant will, though, meet with officers co-ordinating the JTAI to ensure our activity is aligned

  • Action - Andy Frost

No 1.2
Item - 2.  Performance and Delivery Report Q3 2018/1

  • 2.5 It was confirmed that the Community Safety Stakeholders Group will develop and disseminate positive communications regarding reductions in anti-social behaviour (ASB) as part of the 2019/20 delivery plan

No 1.3

  • 2.6 The group had not yet received the national report concerning public perceptions of crime
  • Action - Jason Mumford

No 1.4 
Item - 3. Melcombe Regis Board Update

  • 3.5 There will be a meeting of the Melcombe Regis Board on 28 March 2019. The CSP resolution regarding governance will be considered at the meeting

  • Action - Graham Duggan

No 1.5 
Item - 4. Locality Updates

  • 4.9 Pete Davies and Dorset Police to meet and discuss the use of the Public Space Protection Order in North Dorset

  • Action - Pete Davies/Caroline Naughton

No 2

Item - Performance and Delivery Report Q3 2018/19 

No 2.1

  • Ian Grant presented the report concerning performance and delivery for Q3. It was agreed a copy of the presentation would be sent out with the minutes

  • Action - Andy Frost

No 2.2 

  • Overall there had been a gradual increase in total crime over the past five years whilst ASB has remained fairly static. The increase in total crime may be due in part to the changes in recording public order offences

No 2.3

  • It was confirmed levels of ASB were in line with other similar areas. The group discussed whether comparing levels of crimes/ASB with similar areas is useful or whether we should focus on how similar areas have successfully addressed community safety issues. It was agreed this would be more useful

No 2.4

  • The group noted that the public perception of ASB was not in line with the achievements made in this area. There are a number of caveats concerning public perception data. The sample size for the survey was small and perception can be affected by a number of external factors

No 2.5

  • The group discussed the performance management framework for the CSP’s priorities and it was agreed that moving forward performance should be more focused on the impact of agreed approaches and outcomes

No 2.6
Item - Serious Sexual Offences Against Children/Young People

  • The CSP had requested the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB) completed a deep dive into this issue due to the continued rise in offences. The rise is reflected in offence levels across the Pan Dorset area

No 2.7

  • The deep dive showed that although the numbers of offences had been increasing the number of victims had fallen. This is due to a change in police recording practices  where each offence by a single perpetrator is recorded against the same victim as separate crimes. In the past these would have been recorded as one crime. This has led in part to an increase in recorded offences

No 2.8

  • It was also important to note that although the percentage increases were high the relative numbers were low

No 2.9

  • Local Authority Children’s Services are working towards a flagging system for sexual violence in child protection plans to provide a broader picture of this issue rather than solely relying on police data

No 2.10

  • Overall the deep dive showed that 

    • Overall the deep dive showed that 

    • Increased reporting may be as a result of training, awareness raising etc.
    • There are ongoing challenges to improve data integrity through combining data from other organisations. This is a national issue which will be difficult to resolve in the short term i.e. data sets are subject to significant implications from different computer systems, internal processes, categorisations and classifying what constitutes a Child Sexual Offence

No 2.11

  • It was agreed that although the deep dive had helped to give a rationale to the increase in offences, the issue remained a concern. The CSP will ask the LSCB to continue to monitor serious sexual offences against children and provide a brief update each quarter. Cllr Butler stated this was imperative to prevent duplication of efforts by partnerships

  • Action - Claire Shiels/Mary Taylor

No 2.12

  • Pete Davies stressed the need to link licensing work with children's safeguarding to ensure all local authority services are following best practice with regards to safeguarding. It was agreed Pete Davies would liaise with Claire Shiels (Children Services) regarding this issue and provide an update to the next meeting of the group

  • Action - Pete Davies

No 2.13

  • The group noted the intention to develop a community safety officer group for Dorset Council to help draw together activity and ensure compliance with Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998

No 2.14

  • Caroline Naughton gave an update on the positive outcome rate for sexual offences. The group had raised concerns about the low positive outcome rate. Caroline outlined that Dorset Police are performing well compared to other forces and confirmed that some of the offences include historic allegations which are hard to secure a prosecution

No 2.15

  • For various reasons successful prosecutions for sexual offences are challenging. It was suggested the group may wish to consider a more appropriate measure based on whether the right outcome had been achieved for the victim

  • Action - Jenni Boddy

No 3 

Item - County lines

No 3.1

  • Caroline Naughton gave an update regarding County Lines. She confirmed that the National County Lines Coordination Centre visited Dorset Police to review their approach to the issue

No 3.2

  • The Centre made some key observations. They concluded Dorset Police:

    • have a positive culture in relation to the current understanding of County Lines
    • identifies County Lines as a subsection of Child Criminal Exploitation
    • has good existing partnership relationships which should continue to be built upon to improve intelligence sharing, mapping of vulnerability and understanding market demand
    • strong foundation on which to build local response to identifying and targeting county lines threat 
    • demonstrated the potential value of a Neighbourhood led, location focused approach to tackling county lines

No 3.3

  • In terms of developments Dorset Police should:

    • develop a Silver strategy as a tactical delivery plan underpinning the Gold strategy
    • Should consider the use of the Modern Slavery Act more often in County Lines investigations 
    • Benchmark current provisions from statutory agencies and voluntary services to identify where support can be provided with County Lines

No 3.4

  • The group commented that it is vital the approach taken by Dorset Police is linked to those in place for the JTAI and the partnership plan produced by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).  This would avoid duplication and help give clarity regarding the role of the CSP. Secondly it was recognised the pathway for adults vulnerable to criminal exploitation needs to be developed within this work. Finally, the group agreed it is necessary for clear lines of governance to exist for each of the plans and groups vulnerable to exploitation

No 3.5

  • The group noted there would be a meeting of the leads for each of the plans to ensure these issues are addressed. An update will be brought to the next meeting of the group

  • Action - Caroline Naughton/Kay Wilson White

No 3.6

  • There was an urgent concern regarding those children who are exploited entering Dorset who live in another local authority area. Dorset County Council had no legal jurisdiction for the child as this rests with the home authority. This creates time delays, negotiations with the home authority and unnecessary frustration when trying to resolve issues and provide support

No 3.7

  • As this was a national issue it was agreed the CSP would write to the relevant Minister and suggest a change in practice. Cllr Kerby would also write to Simon Hoare MP. At the same time officers working on this issue will ensure that local processes are working as well as possible

  • Action - Cllr Kerby

No 3.8
Item - Communications strategy

  • Caroline Naughton confirmed Dorset Police would have an external communications plan regarding county lines

No 3.9
Item - Neighbourhood Exploitation Profile

  • As a result of the pilot to deliver a criminal exploitation neighbourhood capability in Weymouth, Portland and West Dorset, a profile for the delivery of exploitation capability has been collated to provide guidance to neighbourhood teams across Dorset

No 3.10
Item - Review of the Weymouth, Portland & West Dorset pilot

  • Caroline Naughton detailed a review of the Weymouth, Portland and West Dorset pilot in response to County Lines. She confirmed Dorset Police had seized drugs with a street value of over £100,000, taken over £24,000 in cash from offenders and 78 persons had been arrested of which 48% are out of force nominals working for county lines. The approach taken in this area was seen as a model of good practice

No 4

Item - Locality updates

No 4.1
Item - East Dorset

  • In terms of community safety, it is business as usual. Issues relating to particular hotspots for ASB have been addressed and there have been changes to the local safer neighbourhood team in Verwood

No 4.2
Item - West Dorset

  • Cllr Kerby stated that Cllr Mollie Rennie MBE of the West Dorset Domestic Violence Forum is asking for reassurance that the forum will continue after local government reorganisation (LGR). The group noted that although the CSP have no formal governance role in relation to the group, it had raised awareness of domestic abuse at a local level. Members of the CSP could not see any reason why the good work of the Forum could not continue after LGR

No 4.3 

  • Work in West Dorset had concentrated on closure notices and County Lines (mainly Dorchester) including the protection of vulnerable residents at risk of cuckooing

No 4.4

  • There had also been some discussion regarding the night time economy in Dorchester, and Dorchester library and sports centre had been ASB hotspots. Work continues to address this.

No 4.5
Item - Weymouth and Portland

  • Although the Police are reporting a fall in the number of ASB incidents this is not reflected in the Council’s ASB team’s figures.  There has also been in an increase in the abuse of Xanax. The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) workers were in post and have issued 27 verbal warnings

No 4.6 
Item - North Dorset

  • The Partnership Coordinating Group (PCG) was dealing with licenced premises and known individuals. It had been useful utilising the combined ASB team for Dorset Council’s Partnership

No 4.7
Item - Purbeck

  • Purbeck PCG are refreshing their crime trends calendar. Going forward it was confirmed they would focus on risk and vulnerability

No 4.8

  • The PCG are monitoring far right stickers that had been posted in a specific area in Purbeck. This has been reported to the South West Counter Terrorism Unit

No 4.9

  • Karen Graham also confirmed there would be no Bestival this year

No 4.10
Item - Christchurch

  • It was confirmed there had been a series of burglaries in Highcliffe which are being addressed. There is also a specific operation in place to address shoplifting

No 4.11

  • Supt. Jarrod Parkin is keen for Public Health data to come to the CSP so partners can get a better understanding of issues

  • Action - Jenni Boddy

No 5

Item  - Neighbourhood Engagement Contracts

No 5.1 

  • Caroline Naughton gave an update on neighbourhood engagement contracts

No 5.2

  • She confirmed every Police section in Dorset has an engagement plan which reflects the individual needs of each neighbourhood. Each plan has a clear purpose, involves communities and increases the levels of engagement with communities

No 5.3

  • The group welcomed the update and looked forward to neighbourhood policing teams linking with existing partnership groups (PCGs) and the local Parish and Town Councils

No 6

Item - Partnership Strategic Assessment (PSA) Findings

No 6.1

  • Andy Frost gave a presentation regarding the priorities for 2019/20 agreed by the pan-Dorset Community Safety & Criminal Justice Board (CSCJB) in line with partners’ agreed processes. Delivery planning to address the priorities would start imminently

No 6.2

  • The priorities for 2019/20 and lead partnerships were:
    • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence - Serious Sexual Offences; Domestic Abuse Related Violent Crime (CSCJB)

    • Serious Violence and Criminal Exploitation - County Lines; Drug Related Deaths; Possession of Weapons (CSCJB)

    • Acquisitive Crime - Residential Burglary; Robbery (CSPs)

    • Public Order and Anti-social Behaviour (CSPs)

    • Non-domestic Violence Against the Person - Public Place Violence and Alcohol Related Violent Crime (CSPs)

    • Plus – Modern Slavery (CSCJB), Terrorism (CSCJB), KSIs and Hate Crime (CSCJB)

The group noted there were existing partnership arrangements in place for KSI’s and Drug Related Deaths

No 6.3

  • The group requested that a delivery plan for the priorities being led by the Dorset CSP is presented to the first meeting of the group in the new financial year for agreement
  • Action - Andy Frost


  • That a delivery plan for the priorities being led by the Dorset CSP is presented to the first meeting of the group in the new financial year for agreement

No 7

Item  - Community Safety Plan – Annual Review

No 7.1

  • Andy Frost presented a report concerning the annual refresh of the 2017-2020 Community Safety Plan. He outlined that the three year plan was a statutory requirement and should be updated annually. The 2019/20 refresh would be the last annual update before writing a new 3-year plan covering 2020-2023

No 7.2

  • The refreshed plan should set out partners’ priorities for the year based on the findings of the latest PSA and how, in broad terms, the plan will be implemented to meet the priorities. The plan will take note of wider consultation exercises that indicate how people feel about crime and disorder issues locally. An EqIA will also be undertaken on the refreshed plan

No 7.3

  • Once agreed by the CSP, the Community Safety Plan should be adopted by each responsible authority. Local authority adoption should be by Full Council. Subject to advice from Legal & Democratic Services, it was suggested the refreshed plan is taken to Dorset Council’s formal Crime & Disorder Committee (the Place Scrutiny Committee), as part of an annual community safety report, for them to recommend to Full Council for adoption. The same approach would be taken with the annual refresh of the Reducing Reoffending Strategy which should also be adopted by Full Council

No 7.4

  • Members of the group supported the proposals and suggestions set out in the report and agreed the refreshed plan should be presented for agreement at the first meeting of the new Dorset CSP in 2019/2020


  • The 2017-2020 Community Safety Plan, refreshed for 2019/20, will be presented for agreement at the first meeting of the new Dorset CSP in 2019/20
  • Following agreement by the CSP, responsible authorities will be asked to formally adopt the refreshed plan

No 8

Item - Future of Dorset CSP

No 8.1 

  • Kay Wilson-White gave an update on the future of the Dorset CSP

No 8.2

  • At the December CSP meeting, members agreed the revised CSP terms of reference, were made aware of the arrangements up to the first meeting of the new CSP and agreed not to change the terms of reference for the Community Safety and Criminal Justice Board (CSCJB) at this stage

No 8.3

  • Since then officers have continued to work on the future of the Dorset CSP and the final CSP Terms of Reference (ToR) sent to partners for adoption within their respective organisations

No 8.4

  • The group noted that local authority representation on the new CSP will be amended to take account of Christchurch joining the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole unitary authority. There would, therefore, be six local authority elected member representatives on the new Dorset CSP. These will be selected at the first meeting of Dorset Council

No 8.5

  • There was a discussion regarding local authority elected member representation. Councillor Kerby advocated that the representation should be based on skills and interest in this area of work. Other members of the group felt local knowledge was also valuable

No 8.6

  • Paul Leivers suggested that although the CSP had no remit to dictate who the members should be or how they should be selected, it could ask the Council to consider suitable representation to enable clear links to local areas whilst also taking in to account the whole County area. Members of the group agreed this was a sensible approach


  • progress was noted in relation to the future Dorset CSP arrangements
  • to ask that Dorset Council consider elected member representation on the new Community Safety Partnership that enabled clear links to local areas whilst also taking a Dorset wide perspective

No 9

Item - Domestic Homicide Reviews

No 9.1

  • Kay Wilson-White gave an update on progress regarding domestic homicide reviews

No 9.2

  • The group noted progress on DHR D4 and DHR D5 had been good although there were two main outstanding actions – the development of a whole family approach to domestic abuse and the MARAC process

No 9.3

  • In relation to the whole family approach the group agreed they would ask for a further update from the Safeguarding Boards who were championing this piece of work

No 9.4

  • In terms of the MARAC, the group acknowledged that the MARAC had been identified as an area for lessons to be learnt in previous DHRs (DHR 4 and 5) and had now been identified in DHR D6

No 9.5

  • Many of the previous actions had focused on specific aspects of the MARAC process and these had been addressed. However, DHR D6 indicated there were still issues with the MARAC process which warranted a further review

No 9.6

  • The CSP agreed that partners should be asked to conduct a review that looks at MARAC within the context of the wider system of support available to victims of domestic abuse. This is an area of concern as the MARAC is part of the support system for high risk victims of domestic abuse

No 9.7

  • Kay Wilson White then gave an update on progress regarding the protocols and agreements relating to the conduct of DHRs. The group noted these were all progressing or completed


  1. progress in relation to the current DHRs was noted
  2. progress in relation to DHR D6 was noted
  3. the delay to the criminal trial to May 2019 for the homicide covered by DHR D6 was noted and it was agreed to pend the DHR until after the trial
  4. partners should conduct a review which looks at the MARAC process in the context of the wider support system available to victims of domestic abuse

No 10

Item - Forward Plan

  • Andy Frost presented the CSP forward plan. Cllr Kerby requested that an update report is brought on modern slavery during 2019/20
  • Action - Andy Frost

No 11

Item - Any other business

  • As they were not standing in the local elections, Cllr Kerby thanked Cllr Davies and Cllr Thacker for their valuable contribution to the CSP

Date of Next Meeting: 2pm on 17 June 2019 in Committee Room 1, County Hall 

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