The adopted local plan for Purbeck sets out the vision and policies for the period 2006 - 2027. The council adopted it on 13 November 2012 and it is used to guide new development and determine planning applications.

Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 (PLP1) 

Inspectors report


The council monitors the effectiveness of the plan's policies on an annual basis.

Proposals maps

The mapped policy designations are set out on the proposals maps.

Please note that these maps represent a snapshot in time. They were accurate at the time they were published (November 2012 or June 2017 for inset map 20), but certain designations, including flood zones, the heathland buffer zone, and conservation areas may be subject to change. Therefore, please check with the Development Management Technical Support Team if you are in doubt.

Since the adoption of the Local Plan Part 1, Natural England have changed their approach to the 400m heathland buffer zone in parts of Upton. View the map showing areas within the 400m consultation area in Upton where Natural England will not necessarily object to applications for residential dwellings.

The council has revised some of the conservation area boundaries since the local plan was adopted in November 2012. View the latest conservation area boundaries.

Key to maps

Key to proposals maps for Purbeck Local Plan Part 1

Key to Inset Map 20 (Swanage)

District wide proposals map

Purbeck Proposals Map

Inset maps