Admission Policy

Make a booking

Sessions may be cancelled within 2 hrs of your session time. Failure to cancel your session will incur a did not attend record. Any member not showing for 3 sessions in a single month period will have their booking rights withdrawn.


  • please do not attend the facility if you or a family member are unwell
  • if you intend to swim for less than 1 hour we request you attend 5/10 minutes after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times
  • please sanitise and wash hands pre and post swim
  • do not bring any valuables into the centre
  • bottles can be left at the end of a lane for rehydration if needed

During your swim

All members must ensure that you have read and understood the pool operation during this time.

  • all members and visitors must follow all instructional signage and requests from poolside staff
  • you must swim in the direction indicated on poolside (clockwise or anti clockwise)
  • please do not overtake the person in front of you and remain a good distance behind them
  • please choose the lane that suits your ability or preference
  • if you need to stop at the end of a lane to take a break/rest, please remove yourself from the water
  • please keep front crawl leg kick under the surface to avoid splashing the person behind you
  • keep an eye of the time and exit the pool with 5 mins to go to the end of your hour session. This will give you time to dry off and move away from the entrance before the next session begins
  • please leave the pool promptly by the designated steps at the end of your session

 Post Swim

  • showers are now available to be used
  • as you leave the facility please wash/sanitise your hands as you go
  • please follow the exit route that has been marked for you to enable a social distance between customers

Industry recognised swimming guidelines and recommendations are in place for your own personal enjoyment, safety and that of your fellow swimmers.

Wet n Wild Session Policy

All wet n wild sessions and swimming parties are to cease until Government guidance allows. 

Swimwear Policy

Only swimwear manufactured for use in swimming pools will be acceptable. Here is a list of acceptable swimwear:

  • bikinis
  • burkinis
  • swim trunks
  • swim costumes
  • speedo type shorts above knee level only
  • all in one fitted swimsuits manufactured for the purpose of swimming
  • baby suits up to 1 year old
  • swimming hats

An exception may be taken into account to this policy concerning the wearing of shirts during public sessions however this decision will need to be made by the Duty Officer, Deputy Manager or General Manager.

Wetsuits, flippers, large inflatables, balls, paddles, face masks and snorkels are not permitted, unless in a structured session.

Sickness and Diarrhoea Policy

Please do not use the swimming pool until 2 weeks after the symptoms stop.

General information

Swim nappies as well as a range of goggles, and armbands are available to purchase from reception.

A band system will operate in the swimming pool area at busy times.

Please inform the lifeguard on duty of any medical conditions you have.

The programme may change at any time without notice, subject to the managements discretion.

The purpose of these policies is to help safeguard all swimmers. It is not intended to stop anyone enjoying swimming, nor is it intended to cause difficulties for parents.

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