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The Edge climbing arena at QE Leisure Centre

Self-belaying is not allowed at The Edge with any device.

Opening times

The climbing wall and bouldering cave are open all year round for registered climbers/boulders. Novice climbers can also join in as a guest of a registered climber or complete the Adult Beginners Course to become a fully-fledged climber in their own right.

Hours will vary on bank holidays, please check with the centre closer to the time. Children's clubs are run on Mondays (5pm-9pm), Wednesdays (5pm-8pm) and Thursdays (5pm-7pm).

Climbing wall closure dates for 2020

Please be aware that the climbing wall will be closed or parts of on the dates below:

Saturday 22 February - Partial Closure (Route Setting).

Wednesday 15 April & Thursday 16 April - Partial Closure of Edge & Full Closure of Pump Room (Route Setting).

Friday 17 April - Full closure between 8am to 4pm (Annual Inspection).

Term Time

term time opening times
Monday to Friday 5.30pm - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6.30pm

School Holidays

school holiday opening times
Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.30am - 6.30pm


All climbers must be accompanied by at least one registered climber to be able to access our edge facilities.
Please see the climbing facility terms and conditions of use before signing up. (A maximum of 2 non registered climbers can be signed in by a registered adult at one time).

Climbing costs
 ClimberPeakOff Peak*
Annual Adult 18+ Registration £5 £5
Registered Adult member per session £7 £5.25
Non-registered Adult per session £8.40 £6.65
Under 18 per session £5.25 £5.25
Student 18+ £6 £5.25

*Off peak hours are Friday from 5.30pm until closing time on Sunday, and school holidays. 


With over 300 square metres of climbing area, including an abseiling platform, 25 numbered panels with 70 graded routes and a separate bouldering cave, the Edge caters for all climbing abilities.

With indoor climbing you get the best possible workout. Even your mind benefits with the problem solving this sport demands, and you will learn mental control along with your improved climbing skills. As an exercise you get benefits from both endurance and strength training, and both fast and slow twitch muscles are required. Climbing exercise engages and works all muscle groups simultaneously, while using and improving balance and coordination. Some may feel that working out at a fitness centre is a little boring; but exercise with climbing is always new, challenging, and motivating. You also benefit from the social aspect you experience, it's a place for trust building, camaraderie, and increasing self confidence. With indoor climbing you will get a sense of accomplishment with your workout, and over a relatively short time improve your physical, mental, and even social aspects of your life.


The Edge climbing wall also has a separate bouldering cave facility.

Bouldering is a branch of rock climbing, performed at low level, usually above crash mats, and without the hindrance of equipment normally associated with climbing. This allows the participant to fully focus on the techniques and movements. Bouldering brings many benefits to those who partake in this activity, both seen (physical conditioning) and unseen (positive mental health), and through the camaraderie of interaction with others. It is one of the few activities that truly crosses all barriers and wholeheartedly engages those within its fold.

Bouldering benefits:

  • it is a total body exercise
  • works both anaerobic and aerobic systems
  • causes increases in strength, agility, endurance and flexibility, balance, eye and body co-ordination
  • causes an increase of muscle tone and promotes better dietary habits and lifestyle choices
  • focuses the mind and allows people internal escape from their everyday stresses
  • promotes positive mental, emotional and social health
  • creates a network of like minded individuals
  • provides experimental (hands on) learning
  • causes attainable goal-setting
  • empowers participants to reach beyond their personal limits
  • causes decision making involving risk and courage
  • promotes awareness and preservation of the natural environment
  • builds confidence, and self esteem
  • it is fun - it makes people smile and feel good

If you are new to climbing then the easiest way to enter the activity safely is via one of our frequent Beginners Courses. Alternatively, you can be brought to the centre by experienced, QE registered friends, who can look after you until such time as you are competent to become a registered member yourself. 

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