The purpose of the scheme is to help to reduce traffic congestion along the A351 from Wareham to the Bakers Arms roundabout by giving people alternative travel choices.

This will be achieved by improving the facilities for transport modes other than the car along this corridor such as cycling and walking.

The main emphasis will be to provide a shared use footway / cycleway which will give people the opportunity for people to cycle between residential areas, local schools, services and employment areas located along the A351. It will also provide for longer distance journeys for cyclists between Poole and Upton to Wareham.


The total cost of the project to date is in excess of £800,000, part funded by developer funds (levies on development in the Purbecks), council corporate funds and the Local Transport Plan.


The majority of phases have been completed.

Woodlands Roundabout - Holton Heath Roundabout

Proposal: upgrade existing footway to form a 2.5 to 3m wide shared foot/cycleway

Update: Technical and land issues, Options Report only at this stage.

Andrew Bradley, Project Engineer

Tel: 01305 221020
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