Dorset Council has applied to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for consent under section 16 of the Commons Act 2006 for land forming part of the above-mentioned registered common land (the “release land”) to cease to be so registered. The Planning Inspectorate will decide the application on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The purpose of the application is to enable proposed works comprising separate cycleways and footways adjacent to Leigh Road on 5,259 square metres of common land, including a new crossing point of Leigh Road opposite Bytheway Field. Changes to junctions will mean 397 square metres of common land will be changed from asphalt carriageway and returned to natural verge on the northern side of the road near Northleigh Lane.

Presently no footway exists on the south side of Leigh Road for a distance of 400 metres, and no provision exists at all for people cycling on road. There is no dedicated crossing point on Leigh Road between Brook Road and Hayes Lane. The construction of this route will thereby enhance the safety for road users and improve access to residents and visitors in the area.

It is proposed that land (the “replacement land”) be registered as common land in place of the release land.

Common rights – to graze cows – on Leigh Common are not currently used over either the main parcel of wooded land, managed as part of the local nature reserve, or the strips of land which form the verge of Leigh Road, which are maintained by Dorset Council. 

In places, the Common Land extent on the north side includes the footway but does not include the road verge between the path and the road, meaning how the land appears bears little resemblance to the official status of the land.

Some of this Common Land also already has permission granted for construction over it for proposed junctions into the development sites south of Leigh Road. 

Application, map and notice

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