Local Authorities have duties and responsibilities under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to investigate land which is defined as contaminated under the terms of the act.

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Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy

The council's Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy was first published in 2001 and reviewed in 2007 and 2014. The current strategy was adopted by council in July 2015 following consultation with key stakeholders.

The initial district inspection of more than 1600 potentially contaminated sites is due to be completed by 2016. The necessary work at the council is undertaken within Public Health and Housing Services, with contracted specialist work undertaken by WPA Consultants Ltd appointed by the Dorset and New Forest Contaminated Land Consortium of local authorities.

Purbeck Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy

Summary of the site investigation at Boarder Road Upton

The former Brooks Tip site is an area of land opposite the Tree Hamlets Estate on Border Road in Upton which was acquired by Upton Town Council for use as open space and playing fields after previously being landfilled.

The council has carried out an investigation funded by DEFRA to ascertain if there is any risk from ground gas affecting nearby properties on the Tree Hamlets Estate. The initial ground gas risk assessment and data collected from sampling in 2011 showed that there were elevated levels of methane and carbon dioxide concentrations at some boreholes located over the known land filled area so further investigation work took place in 2013 on land on and near the existing houses. The tip site and the Tree Hamlets Estate are located on or near land which historically has been marshy being near the edge of Poole Harbour. The further investigations did not find any evidence of migrating gas other than some evidence of naturally occurring ground gas over an area of an old in-filled creek.

The conclusion of the investigation was that the current properties are sufficiently protected from ground gas migration and there is no significant risk of harm caused by ground gas in the area from the former Brooks Tip.

Brooks Tip Detailed Part 2A Inspection Report

Access to contaminated land information

The council provides a  Contaminated Land Register for Purbeck

The council can provide an environmental report if you require information about a particular property regarding land contamination. This report will provide an analysis of the information we hold on the site. These enquiries are treated as requests under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 for which there is a charge of £49.75 per hour or part thereof. Alternatively information held by Public Health and Housing Services in relation to contaminated land is available to view by appointment at no cost at our offices. We can also send copies of the information, but there will be a charge for this.

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