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Purbeck Local Plan Review

Pre-submission publication

We published the pre-submission draft of the Purbeck Local Plan and the updated Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) draft charging schedule priorities for spending for comments between 22 October and 3 December 2018. The pre-submission documents are listed below. Please refer to the submission version Purbeck Local Plan (and supporting information) for the documents that the council has asked to be examined by the Planning Inspectorate.

Past Consultations

The following consultations took place as part of the local plan review.

Pre-submission draft Purbeck Local Plan and supporting documents

Local Plan documents

Pre-submission draft of Purbeck Local Plan

Policies map

Key to policies map and inset maps

Bere Regis inset map

Dorset Innovation Park inset map

Lytchett Matravers inset map

Moreton inset map

Swanage inset map

Upton inset map

Wareham inset map

Wool inset map

Assessment documents

Sustainability appraisal report

Habitats regulations assessment

Equalities impact assessment and health Impact assessment

Consultation documents

Statement of community involvement

Partial review issues and options consultation report 2015

Partial review options consultation report 2017

Partial review options consultation report appendices 2017

New homes for Purbeck consultation report 2018

Other documents

Duty to co-operate statement

Duty to co-operate statement of common ground

Local development scheme

Environment documents

Environment background paper

Environment and infrastructure capacity study (EICS):

EICS - Chapters 1-3 (October 2017)

EICS - Chapter 4 (October 2017)

EICS - Chapter 5 (October 2017)

EICS - Chapters 6 and 7 (October 2017)

EICS - Chapter 8 (October 2017)

EICS - Appendices (October 2017)

Strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA)

Coastal change management areas evidence paper

Housing documents

Housing background paper

Strategic housing market area assessment (SHMA)

Strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA)

Second homes evidence paper

Green belt evidence paper

Economy documents

Economy background paper

Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole workspace strategy

Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study final report

Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study appendix A

Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study appendix B

Infrastructure documents

Infrastructure delivery plan

Transport evidence paper

Built sports and recreation facilities

Delivery documents

Purbeck District Partial Review of Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 and revised Community Infrastructure Levy Economic Viability Assessment - April 2016

Purbeck District Partial Review of Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 and revised Community Infrastructure Levy Economic Viability Assessment Appendices - April 2016

Viability Update & Sensitivity Testing Addendum - November 2017

Viability Update & Sensitivity Testing  Addendum Appendices -November 2017

Viability report update 2018 part 1- report plus appendix I, IIa, IIb

Viability report update 2018 part 2- appendix I, IIc

Viability report update 2018 part 3- appendix III and co star extracts

Monitoring reports

Five year housing supply

CIL and S106 income and expenditure report 2017-2018

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) review

CIL draft charging schedule

CIL summary of responses to preliminary schedule

Issues and Options consultation 2015

We consulted on the issues and options of the Partial Review of the Purbeck Local Plan during January to March 2015.

Issues and Options Consultation documents
Reviewing the Plan for Purbeck's Future - Issues and Options Consultation Document The Issues and Options Consultation Document January 2015

Issues and Options Consultation Report summary June 2015

The  Partial Review: Issues and Options Summary Report, June 2015 provides a brief overview of the consultation report.

Options consultation 2016

Options consultation results

We received around 3,300 responses to the consultation. This closed on 12 August 2016 but the  options document can still be viewed.

Partial Review Options Consultation documents
Partial Review Options Consultation Report January 2017
Partial Review Options Consultation Report: Appendices January 2017

Planning Advisory Service review

We arranged for the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) to undertake an independent review of the Partial Review process.

PAS is independent, working neither for a particular company, nor any individual political party, and is part-funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) to support local authorities in their planning functions. Further information about the PAS Review is available in the project initiation document.

The findings of the review are available in the final report.

New Homes for Purbeck consultation 2018

As part of the Purbeck Local Plan Review, Purbeck District Council carried out a consultation on sites for new homes in the district. The council also sought views on possible new planning policies relating to second homes and affordable homes.

New Homes for Purbeck Consultation Document January 2018

The report on the results of the consultation was approved by the council in May 2018.

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