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Purbeck Local Plan Review

We are reviewing the Purbeck Local Plan. Once adopted, the plan will be used to approve or refuse planning applications and will set out the vision and objectives for the district. We set out our timetable for preparing planning policy documents in the Local Development Scheme.


On Monday 28 January 2019, we submitted the Purbeck Local Plan and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for examination in public. We also submitted the supporting evidence and the comments received on the publication draft of the Purbeck Local Plan and the CIL Charging Schedule.

Beverley Doward BSc, BTP, MRTPI has been appointed as an independent planning inspector by the Planning Inspectorate to undertake an examination of both documents. Helen Nolan has been appointed as the Programme Officer, to assist the inspector in ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the examination process.

Any queries about the examination should be sent to Helen Nolan:


Telephone: 07773 615820

How the examination is conducted will be a matter for the inspector to decide but it is anticipated that it will include the holding of public hearing sessions. If you have previously made a representation on the draft plan or CIL charging schedule and requested to speak at the examination the Programme Officer will contact you in due course.

Following the examination we will publish the inspector’s report and recommendations.  If the inspector considers that main modifications to the plan are needed, there will be another opportunity to comment on any proposed changes before the plan is finalised. Representations received on these modifications will then be forwarded to the inspector to take into account in finalising her report. Once finalised the plan and charging schedule will be adopted by the new Dorset Council which is likely to be towards the end of this year.

The submission documents are listed below. They can also be viewed at Dorset Council's offices at Westport House.

We will provide regular progress updates on this page, including the expected timeline for examination, the inspector’s questions and any responses that the Council provides.

Documents summarising the development of the CIL charging schedule and priorities for spending January 2019 can be found on the Community Infrastructure Levy review page.

Procedural correspondence

Correspondence between the inspector, representors and the Council is exchanged through the Programme Officer. For transparency and information purposes all documents will be published.

2019-03-26 Initial representor letter

2019-04-05 Inspector letter to Council


Full responses to the Purbeck Local Plan Pre-submission draft can be viewed on the online portal here

Full responses to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Draft Charging Schedule can be viewed on the online portal here

Purbeck Local Plan submission and supporting documents

Local Plan documents

Purbeck Local Plan Submission signposting document

SD01a-Purbeck Local Plan

SD01b-Policies map

SD01b-Key to maps

SD01b-Bere Regis inset map

SD01b-Dorset Innovation Park inset map

SD01b-Lytchett Matravers inset map

SD01b-Moreton Station inset map

SD01b-Swanage inset map

SD01b-Upton inset map

SD01b-Wareham inset map

SD01b - Wool inset map

Assessment documents

SD02-Sustainability appraisal report

SD03-Habitats regulations assessment

SD04-Equalities impact assessment and health impact assessment

SD49-Sustainability Appraisal non technical summary June 2016

SD50-Sustainability Appraisal full version June 2016

SD51-Sustainabiity Appraisal non technical summary January 2018

SD52-Sustainability Appraisal strategic Environmental Assessment report January 2018 consultation

Consultation documents

SD05-Statement of community involvement

SD06a-Partial review issues and options consultation report 2015

SD06b-Partial review options consultation report 2017

SD06c-Partial review options consultation report appendices 2017

SD06d-New homes for Purbeck consultation report 2018

SD07-Regulation 22 consultation statement

SD08-Summary of responses

Other documents

SD09-Duty to co-operate statement

SD10-Draft statement of common ground

SD11-Local development scheme

SD12-Self-assessment of soundness

SD13-Outline of procedural & legal compliance

SD14-Proposed modifications document revised April 2019

Environment documents

SD15-Environment background paper

SD16-Environmental & Infrastructure capacity study

SD17-Strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA)

SD18-Coastal change management areas evidence paper

Housing documents

SD19-Housing background paper

SD20-Strategic housing market area assessment (SHMA) 2018 update

SD21-Strategic housing market area assessment (SHMA)

SD22-Strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA)

SD23-Second homes evidence paper

SD24-Green belt evidence paper

Economy documents

SD25-Economy background paper

SD26-Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole workspace strategy

SD27a-Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study final report

SD27b-Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study appendix A

SD27c-Poole and Purbeck town centres retail and leisure study appendix B

Infrastructure documents

SD28-Infrastructure delivery plan

SD29-Transport evidence paper

SD30-Built sports and recreation facilities

Delivery documents

SD31-Purbeck District Partial Review of Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 and revised Community Infrastructure Levy Economic Viability Assessment - April 2016

SD32-Purbeck District Partial Review of Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 and revised Community Infrastructure Levy Economic Viability Assessment Appendices - April 2016

SD33-Viability Update & Sensitivity Testing Addendum - November 2017

SD34-Viability Update & Sensitivity Testing  Addendum Appendices -November 2017

SD35-Viability report update 2018 part 1- report plus appendix I, IIa, IIb

SD36-Viability report update 2018 part 2- appendix I, IIc

SD37-Viability report update 2018 part 3- appendix III and co star extracts

Monitoring reports

SD38-Five year housing supply

SD39-Housing Monitoring Report

SD40-Economic Monitoring Report

SD41-CIL and S106 income and expenditure report 2017-2018

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) review

SD42-CIL charging schedule & priorities for spending, January 2019

SD43-CIL statement of representations, January 2019

 SD44-CIL full responses to draft charging schedule & priorities for spending, January 2019

 SD45-Infrastructure funding

 SD46-Statement of modifications

SD47-responses to modifications March 2019

SD48-CIL draft charging schedule & priorities for spending October 2018




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