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Supplementary Planning Documents, Statement of Community Involvement and Local Development Scheme

Local Development Scheme

We set out our timetable for preparing planning policy documents in the Local Development Scheme. This includes dates for public consultation. The latest version was adopted by council in February 2018. You can find out how the council is doing in meeting the timetable on the monitoring page.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how and when organisations and individuals can get involved in the preparation of planning policy documents for Purbeck and in consideration of planning applications in Purbeck. Councils must review these statements every 5 years. The Council has recently reviewed the SCI and it was adopted in October 2018.

Supplementary planning documents

DocumentDescriptionDate of adoption

Swanage Green Infrastructure Strategy SPD

Appendix 1a - GI audit and analysis

Appendix 1b - GI audit and analysis

Appendix 2 - GI design guidance for developers

Appendix 3 - Plants to attract birds, butterflies and bees

The Swanage Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy was presented for public consultation at the Swanage Local Plan Inquiry along with the Pre-submission Document.

The Swanage Local Plan includes policy SGI (Swanage Green Infrastructure), which requires all development proposals to take account of the Swanage GI Strategy. All applications for major development must provide a statement setting out how the proposals will avoid loss to the existing GI network, and maximise opportunities to improve and enhance GI in line with the recommendations contained in the Strategy.

The Strategy includes an audit of the existing GI and a schedule of projects and initiatives. Guidance is also provided for developers to assist with the design of GI and to help ensure compliance with policy SGI.

Implementation of the Strategy will result in the provision of a ‘green infrastructure network of interlinked multipurpose open spaces with good connections to the open countryside’, which is the vision for Swanage identified at a GI workshop. This robust GI network will increase the resilience of and enhance the natural environment, provide targeted flood alleviation, and support Swanage’s response to climate change.

 June 2018

District Design Guide SPD

Adoption Statement (District Design Guide SPD)

Managing and using traditional building materials in Purbeck

Managing and using traditional building details in Purbeck

Supporting technical guidance - Bats and Birds


The Design Guide (SPD) provides an overview of the design principles that should be applied in devising many common development proposals and sets down the expectations the council will have when considering planning applications.

Achieving high quality design is a key planning objective. This document provides an overview of the design principles that should be applied in devising many common development proposals. It sets down the expectations the council will have when considering planning applications, but it will also be useful in those cases where planning permissions or consents are not required.

January 2014

Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework 2015-2020 Supplementary Planning Document

Dorset Heathlands SPD consultation responses

The Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework Adoption Statement

The Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework 2015 Consultation Statement

Sets out the detailed approach to the avoidance and mitigation of adverse effects of development on the Dorset Heathlands. It will be used in the determination of planning applications and preparing Local Plans. January 2016

Affordable Housing SPD

Affordable Housing SPD Adoption Statement

Affordable Housing SPD Consultation Statement

Provides more detail about how the council will implement the affordable housing policies in Purbeck Local Plan Part 1: Planning Purbeck's Future. April 2013

Development Brief for Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers

Development Brief for Policeman's Lane, Upton

Development Brief for Worgret Road, Wareham

These provide additional detail about the three allocated housing sites set out in Purbeck Local Plan Part 1 (PLP1) : Planning Purbeck's Future 2012
Dorset Heathlands Sets out the contributions from development that must be paid to avoid the adverse impact on heathlands from new homes being built. September 2012

Purbeck Heritage Network Priorities 2017-2021

The strategy contains an action plan for enhancing the natural environment. 2010
Housing Strategy 2012- 2027 Sets out how the council will meet as many of Purbeck's housing needs as possible. April 2013

Dorset AONB Landscape Character Assessment

Describes the characteristics of the different landscapes within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 2008

Landscape Character Assessment (Non AONB)

Describes the characteristics of the different landscapes within Purbeck that are not within the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 2008
Dorset Landscape Change Strategy Report Jan 2010 includes pilot methodology Assesses the potential for landscape types to accommodate change. Following on from 2008 Landscape Character Assessments. January 2010
Landscape Sensitivity to Wind and Solar Energy Development in Purbeck Landscape Sensitivity to Wind and Solar Energy Development in Purbeck May 2014

Consultation Report - Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour SPD

Consultation Statement - Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour SPD

Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour SPD Adopted

Purbeck Adoption Statement Nitrogen SPD

Web table Recently Adopted Supplementary Planning Document

Nitrogen levels from sewage and agriculture are contributing to the growth of algal mats in Poole Harbour, restricting the growth, distribution and variety of important food available for wading birds protected under European and British law and smothering estuarine habitats.

The council has worked closely with neighbouring authorities covering the water catchment of Poole Harbour, the Environment Agency and Natural England to develop a strategy for mitigating additional nitrogen from development.

Early engagement with interested parties and organisations took place during the drafting of the SPD. The SPD was subject to public consultation between 9 October and 20 November 2015. The council received 26 representations and modified the SPD as a result of the consultation feedback. A Consultation Statement - Nitrogen Reduction in Poole Harbour SPD sets out a summary of the main issues raised and how these have been addressed in the SPD. The modifications were reported to council on 21 March 2017 and the SPD was subsequently adopted ( Purbeck Adoption Statement Nitrogen SPD).

Settlement extensions are expected to provide their own bespoke mitigation, preferably using alternative technologies of wetland creation. The council will use CIL to provide mitigation for infill and windfall sites.

April 2017
Rural Exception Site Checklist Advises how best to progress a rural exception site September 2013
Townscape Character Appraisals Covering Swanage, Wareham, Upton, Bovington, Bere Regis, Corfe Castle, Lytchett Matravers and Wool. These documents provide detail about the characteristics of each settlement. August 2012
Purbeck Transport Strategy Dorset County council and Purbeck District council's proposed transport schemes for 2010-2027. 2010

Development Contributions toward Transport in Purbeck

A strategy where contributions are collected from new development to implement transport schemes. February 2013
Economic Development Strategy adopted August 2013 This strategy sets out the action plan that the council will implement to support economic development in the district. August 2013


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