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North Dorset Local Plan (2003) - Supplementary Planning Guidance

Planning guidance which is supplemental to the Local Plan takes the form of Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) and Planning Guidance Notes (PGN). SPGs are intended to provide additional information on development plan policies and proposals; alternatively they can take the form of design briefs, or area development briefs. PGNs provide a best practice framework for development in the district.

Supplementary planning guidance on the Re-use of Rural Buildings

The restructuring of agriculture has meant there are increased pressures to realise the potential of redundant farm buildings. The  Re-use of Rural Buildings SPG contains information on background policies at national level down to local level, as well as a sequential test for options. It provides a comprehensive guide for landowners, developers and Planning Officers. It was adopted by the council on 29 October 2004.

Interim planning guidance on the Development of Areas of Amenity Open Space, Play Areas and Commuted Sums

The council believes children's play should to be taken into consideration from the start of designing a site for residential development.  Development of Areas of Amenity Open Space, Play Areas and Commuted Sums SPG is a guide for developers on the council's requirements for the design and layout of amenity open space and play areas as well as on the maintenance of these areas. Commuted sums figures were revised in April 2007.

We commissioned consultants (Strategic Leisure) to undertake an audit of all  open space and recreation facilities in the district. The work they have done will help us set our own standards for new facilities and new policy in the future.

Planning Guidance Note: Planning Obligations for the Provision of Community Infrastructure

The revised  Planning Guidance Note (PGN) on Planning Obligations for the Provision of Community Infrastructure was adopted by Cabinet on 19 December 2011. Although we no longer use the PGN as a basis for seeking developer contributions towards projects the revised version of the PGN continues to provide guidance on the way in which funds will be allocated.

This revised version also seeks to reflect the current transition between the extant Local Plan (and current policy guidance) and the new emerging policy position.

Supplementary planning guidance on development of land to the eastern side of Shaftesbury

The Local Plan identifies Shaftesbury as a 'town for major growth', and allocates 23 hectares on the eastern side of the town for mixed use (predominately housing).  Development on the Land East of Shaftesbury SPG has been prepared to guide developers through the layout and design issues which need to be addressed.

Urban design guidance

North Dorset District Council recognises that it must continue working diligently to assist in the process of achieving acceptable new building development and redevelopment within the authority. Although not in the form of SPG, the council has adopted  urban design guidance to help applicants and their agents when preparing design proposals for planning submissions. It is not intended to be design guidance in terms of defining in detail what is acceptable or unacceptable, but to give an indication of what design data will help inform the planning authority during its decision making process.

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