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Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan (Version 2)

Following the withdrawal of the Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2031 work is progressing on producing a new neighbourhood plan. This work is being led by Blandford + which comprises of Blandford Forum Town Council, Blandford St Mary Parish Council and Bryanston Parish Council.

Consultation on new plan

Blandford + (comprising Blandford Forum Town Council, Blandford St Mary Parish Council and Bryanston Parish Council) is currently holding a consultation regarding the new plan. Further information regarding the consultation and the new plan can be found via the Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan website.

Withdrawal of Plan

Blandford Forum Town Council has written to the District Council regarding the withdrawal of the Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2015 -2031. The Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan Group will work with the District Council on producing a new version of the plan.


The Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2031 was examined by an independent examiner, Deborah McCann BSc MRICS MRTPI DipArchCon Dip LD. In accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and related regulations, the examiner considered in particular whether the plan meets certain basic conditions, satisfies legal requirements, and identifies an appropriate area for a referendum.

The basic conditions, which are set out in the legislation, are intended to ensure that neighbourhood plans are compatible with their wider context. The plan must:

have regard to national planning policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State
contribute to achieving sustainable development

be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area and

be compatible with EU obligations and human rights requirements

Examiner's Report

The Examiner's Report concludes that provided the recommendations in her report are followed the plan would meet the basic conditions. She therefore considers that the plan, as modified, can proceed to a referendum.

Hearing and post-hearing

In accordance with Paragraph 9 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) the independent examiner, Deborah McCann BSc MRICS MRTPI DipArchCon Dip LD, decided that a hearing is required for the purpose of receiving oral representations.

The hearing took place on the 10 April 2017. Notes were taken at the hearing.

Following the hearing the examiner sent an email to North Dorset District Council (NDDC) on 13 April 2017. Further submissions by Blandford+, Revised Sustainability Appraisal Report and Addendum to Local Green Space Report, were sent to the examiner on the 9 May 2017. The examiner allowed interested parties to comment on these documents and set a deadline of 19 May 2017 for comments to be received.

The following comments were received and duly forwarded to the examiner.

Hearing and post-hearing documents
Document ReferenceResponse
BLAN007 (1) Further comments Richley
BLAN009 (1) Further comments Pimperne Parish Council
BLAN012 (1) Further comments Bryanston Park Preservation Society
BLAN017 (1) Further comments Cranborne Chase AONB
BLAN025 (1) Further comments Clemdell
BLAN031 (1) A Further comments Bryanston RFE (Ltd) A
BLAN031 (1) B Further comments Bryanston RFE (Ltd) B
BLAN035 (1) Further comments North Dorset District Council
BLAN038 (1) Further comments Dorset Gardens Trust

The examiner arranged an accompanied site visit on Thursday 1 June 2017 to assist her consideration of the Local Green Space proposals of the submitted plan. The examiner was accompanied by representatives of the Council, Blandford+ and the landowner. Following the site visit, the examiner issued a set of questions to the neighbourhood planning group on 2 June 2017. Furthermore, she sent a clarification emailin relation to question 3 on 7 June 2017.

The neighbourhood planning group responded to questions 1 and 2 on 9 June 2017. Additionally, the group responded to question 3 on 16 June 2017. The group responded by providing a covering letter to the examiner and a statement from Dorset County Council.

The examiner allowed interested parties to comment on the neighbourhood plan group's responses to her questions.

The deadline for parties to provide any comments that they had was 23 June 2017. The following comments were received and duly forwarded to the examiner.

Document ReferenceResponse
BLAN001 (2) Highways England
BLAN012 (2) Bryanston Park Preservation Society
BLAN014 (2) Martin Nicol
BLAN017 (2) Cranborne Chase AONB Partnership
BLAN025 (2) A A Clemdell
BLAN025 (2) B B Clemdell Appendix 1
BLAN025 (2) C C Clemdell Appendix 2
BLAN025 (2) D D Clemdell Appendix 3
BLAN025 (2) E E Clemdell Appendix 4
BLAN028 (2) A A DCC
BLAN028 (2) B B DCC
BLAN028 (2) C C DCC Appendix 1
BLAN031 (2) Bryanston (RFE) Ltd
BLAN037 (2) Historic England

Consultation on the submitted plan

As the local planning authority, the District Council is required to consult on the plan proposals before the examination takes place. The public and other interested parties were given seven weeks from Friday 12 August to Friday 30 September 2016 to make representations on the plan with regard to its content and how it has been prepared. An independent examiner will be appointed and any representations will be passed to him for consideration as part of the examination process.

Submission documents can be found below. A paper of the plan is available to view at the District Council Offices, Nordon, Salisbury Road, Blandford Forum DT11 7LL (8.45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.45am to 4pm on Friday).

Representations received

Representations which were received by the closing date of Friday 30 September 2016 are:

Document Reference Response
BLAN001 Highways England
BLAN002 Natural England
BLAN003 D Butler
BLAN004 S Hitchings
BLAN005 S Lester-Shaw
BLAN006 D and C Lewis-Moggeridge
BLAN007 Richley
BLAN008A Go South Coast Ltd 1
BLAN008B Go South Coast Ltd 2
BLAN008C Go South Coast Ltd 3
BLAN009 Pimperne PC
BLAN010 Blandford Business Group
BLAN011 Morrisons Supermarkets plc
BLAN012 Bryanston Park Preservation Society
BLAN013 Deakin
BLAN014 Martin Nicol
BLAN015 Mary Nicol
BLAN016 Moore
BLAN017 Cranborne Chase AONB
BLAN018 Persimmon
BLAN019 Selwyn
BLAN020A Taylor form only
BLAN020B Taylor statement only
BLAN021 Brown
BLAN022 Pond
BLAN023 Corn Exchange Regeneration Project Board
BLAN024A Davis Coats Families Form
BLAN024B Davis Coats families Statement 1 corrected
BLAN024C Davis Coats families Statement 2 (Heritage)

Clemdell Form corrected

BLAN025B Clemdell Statement corrected
BLAN025C Clemdell Appendices corrected
BLAN026 Mitchell
BLAN027 Gladman Developments
BLAN029A Laws
BLAN029B Laws inset
BLAN030 Fletcher
BLAN031 Bryanston (RFE) Ltd
BLAN032 Environment Agency
BLAN033 Watson
BLAN034 Scott-Giles
BLAN035 North Dorset District Council
BLAN036 McConnell
BLAN037A Historic England
BLAN037B Historic England 2
BLAN037C Historic England 3


Submission documents

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