On 23 February 2012, Tony Robinson and the 'Time Team' visited the Roman Time House. A TV crew from Channel 4's 'Time Team' spent time filming at the Roman Town House, behind County Hall. The footage will form part of an upcoming episode looking at the South Dorset Ridgeway and other notable historical features in the area, also including Maumbury Rings.

The images show Professor Louise Revell of Southampton University talking to Time Team presenter Tony Robinson about the impact of the Romans on the life of the indigenous population, including changes in living conditions and the economy.

A message from Tony Robinson

"I only found the Roman Town House site at Dorchester because I was filming close by; I'm really pleased I did though, because it's such an important site.

For a start, it's the only example of a fully exposed Roman Town House in the country and is definitely the best preserved. It also represents a milestone in the history of archaeology because many modern techniques for urban archaeology in use today were first used on this site back in 1937."

Some of the twentieth century's most eminent archaeologists either worked on or visited this site and you can find out all about them and their discoveries on these pages.

The new interpretation of the site is accessible to people of all ages, abilities and interests. We have games and cartoons to help families with young children to enjoy the site together and, by looking at the reconstructions, we can really appreciate the skills of the craftsmen who made it. The  mosaics are stunning, so please respect their work as you wander around. 

You can visit the site free of charge, any day of the week, and there aren't many equivalent sites you can say that about! Enjoy your visit.

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