This tracker is compiled by the council's Historic Environment team and reflects our involvement in the reporting and processing of treasure cases from Dorset.

We are mainly involved in the initial stages of reporting and identifying the finds and their return if disclaimed. We are not responsible for the inquest process, valuation or museum acquisition and often receive no information for cases at the later stages of the process. If your case has gone to valuation or is pending acquisition please contact the Treasure team at the British Museum (quoting the case number). Once treasure cases are closed we remove them from this tracker.

Message about impact of Covid-19 on processing of treasure cases
Treasure finds are being reported and recorded as far as possible under Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions. The processing of cases may be delayed by staff furlough and museum closures.
Treasure number Treasure item Parish  Date of last change to tracker Progress
2016 T369 Bronze Age bracelet fragments Wynford Eagle 8 October 2020 In process of valuation. At British Museum.
2016 T614 Bronze Age axes Bere Regis 8 October 2020 In process of valuation. At British Museum.

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