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Artist in residence programme

As part of the Libraries as Cultural Hubs programme, we ran paid artist residency programmes, delivering events for all age groups.  Here are just a few highlights.

2019 writer in residence programme

From January to March 2019 Weymouth and Gillingham libraries were home to writers Sarah Acton and Alan Ward. Their residencies have now come to an end, but their projects can still be accessed and enjoyed. They've each written a guest blog post to tell you more:

2019 artists in residence programme

James Price – Gillingham Library

In the summer of 2019 filmmaker James Price helped children create 'To Infinity' - an animated film about space and the things you might find out there. James used the stories, ideas, drawings, pictures and sounds that the children developed in his workshops over the summer to create the film.

Darrell Wakelam – Weymouth Library and Learning Centre

ArtSpace is a creative papers sculpture all about outer-space that use books as their life source. Working with artist in residence Darrell Wakelam, the children created models of the wonders they imagine they might encounter. The summer residency included take home workshops and drop-in workshops to create Space Sculptures. This was conceived to run alongside the Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge at Weymouth Library.

  • the library is really the only place I’ve seen offering these kinds of events, it’s great
  • this was a surprising way to spend the afternoon, we’ll have to come again
  • I’ll have to try this at home with the kids

Chris Jury – Weymouth Library and Learning Centre

Rewriting Your Script is a transformative creative writing programme offering innovative and effective analytical tools to improve mental wellbeing. The aim was to show actively participating in a taught writing programme using script development can help people better understand and manage their own mental health. The hope is the creative process gives the emotional distance to safely explore and test some of the ideas, assumptions and expectations that underpin mental wellbeing. Reframing our actions and our experience in script form and seeing them through an audience’s eyes, can give new insights into situations and new ways of thinking about solutions.

The 12- week course was led by Chris Jury, a TV actor, director and writer. Chris has been teaching screenwriting for over ten years and this programme was developed with an ex-student of his who found that his screenwriting course at Ruskin College Oxford allowed him to think through his life-problems as stories and that this had a transformative effect on his sense of self and his ability to cope with the world.

The short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale was used to measure whether the programme led to improvements in mental wellbeing for those who completed the programme. The SWEMWB results for the Weymouth run of RYS were:

  • 16 users completed the 12- week programme
  • 93% of those completing the programme underwent statistically significant positive change in their mental wellbeing as a result of the programme
  • 14.3% of those completing the programme went from low mental wellbeing to high mental wellbeing
  • 57.1% went from low mental wellbeing to moderate mental wellbeing
  • 100% who started with a moderate mental wellbeing score (28%) significantly improved their wellbeing score over the course of the programme

We were offered gold dust in Chris’s skills, expertise and experience. His challenges through the process of script writing have brought me a far greater clarity in terms of what my values are. Ann

If you are ready for a powerful and inspiring experience which will challenge you to look again at how your difficulties may be impacting your mental health, then this course led passionately by Chris Jury, is an exciting opportunity. With his wealth of experience and knowledge Chris uses script writing, psychology and philosophy as an innovative way of helping you work through personal problems in a supportive group environment. The group I was in found it to be stimulating, exciting and rewarding, and Chris’s dedication to the individual members went above and beyond their expectations. S, Mental Health Practitioner

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