Our vision is that Dorset places culture at the heart of quality of life.

The Dorset Cultural Partnership published its first Dorset Cultural Strategy in 2009. This Dorset Cultural Strategy 2016-2021 refreshes that document and builds on the collaboration it generated.

The drafting of this new Cultural Strategy was led by the Dorset Cultural Partnership and shaped by listening to ideas, concerns and aspirations from colleagues and organisations in the cultural arena and others. It recognises and adheres to principles to promote equality, diversity and sustainability and that its successful implementation depends on continued collaboration and partnership across Dorset, with our neighbours and our regional colleagues.

Working together will enable us to achieve our vision and ambitions.

See the  Dorset Cultural Strategy 2016-2021 summary leaflet along with a full set of supporting documents:

Vision and outcomes

Our vision is that Dorset places culture at the heart of quality of life.

We want to achieve:

  • a thriving, competitive economy that delivers good quality employment for people in Dorset
  • a resilient infrastructure providing access to cultural and leisure opportunities
  • understanding, enjoying and safeguarding Dorset's environment with planning for the future
  • opportunities for people to enjoy and achieve promoting health and wellbeing within safe and thriving communities

The case for culture

Culture makes a positive contribution to the Dorset economy, but probably has an even more significant effect on the health and wellbeing of residents - which adds a further contribution to economic progress.

Culture and leisure are particularly significant in Dorset for the way they provide creative access and experience relating to the natural environment - with the enjoyment of green space further enhancing well-being.

Culture and leisure are also top areas of activity for community and voluntary groups in Dorset

Who is the Cultural Strategy for?

  • primarily for the cultural sector and cultural providers as a strategic cultural framework to support their work
  • for community groups who need a strategic cultural framework to support their work
  • for strategic bodies such as Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Dorset Health and Wellbeing Board, Dorset Local Nature Partnership, Children's Trust, Community Safety, Local Authorities
  • for funding bodies seeking to verify or validate local need

What is the purpose of the Cultural Strategy?

The purpose is to be:

  • the sector's articulation of its shared ambitions and strategic priorities for progress towards achieving the outcomes
  • the engine that drives collaboration around the shared ambitions and enabling a collective response to changing circumstances and contexts during the five year time span of the strategy
  • an interface for cultural organisations with strategic bodies

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