Congratulations on qualifying as a social worker!

When you're a newly-qualified social worker and you join Dorset Council you will have:

  • dedicated and experienced colleagues to help you from the start of your journey
  • the assessed and support year in employment (ASYE) tools are readily available on joining in your first year
  • our handbook and access to The Academy with all the tools you need to be a success in your role
  • induction tools: we give you clear guidance on what to expect when you join us. We will support your journey from day one with a mentor and regular reviews
  • help to get you up and running with logins and access to the key websites and regulatory bodies
  • us to guide you around the continuing professional development process

The Academy supports you from induction onwards

The Academy ASYE

The Academy: the assessed and support year in employment (ASYE) page

Hear from our Principal Social Worker, Liz Wood

You will also receive support from our Principal Social Worker - meet Liz.

Liz Wood, Principal Social Worker, Dorset Council

Tools for the job

We know how busy the role of a social worker is.

Our tools for the job area of The Academy has quick-view pages on topics and areas you need to know about in your role every day. Things change quickly in this world. We support your research by looking for the best resources out there and make them available to you through The Academy.

Look for social work jobs

Search for social work jobs in Dorset.

Chat about social worker roles

Contact Paula Golding to chat more about social worker roles:

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