We have a number of components that we use on our traded services. These are used on a Content Page template which allows for a range of components (called either fragments or widgets) that add functionality. 

This text is written in a Paragraph fragment which allows for changes to text alignment, background colour and bottom spacing

Landing page banner

The H1 of the page is displayed in the hero banner (above) and it can either display a line of text beneath the heading, or a call to action button.

Landing page banner with CTA

Used for promoting pages, events or activities, with a background image and call to action button off to a webpage. There are two versions; one with breadcrumbs (for locating at the top of a page) and one without (for locating elsewhere on a page)

Though not limited to traded services, the navigation cards can be used on homepages, or landing pages to navigate page content in a more visual way than a navigation list. 

UI cards

UI cards are how we display social media feeds, videos, news, events and even as navigation tools on homepages. Up to 4 cards can be used on a row,  or 3 cards using a larger size for the first card.

A couple cycling

View cycling routes and maps
Country walk

View walking routes and trails
Driving car

Professional driver training courses including CPC, PCV and minibus training
Pothole (2)

Seen a problem on the road or pavement? If you report it, we'll sort it

error loading social media post

error loading social media post
Weymouth harbour

Hub Theatre

Find out what events are happening at Verwood Hub
Woman with tablet

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Images and videos

There are even more ways of adding images - using the following tools 

Thumbnail gallery

The thumbnail gallery is best for smaller, lower quality images, and showcasing a service or event at a glance.

Image with caption

A single image with an optional caption.

A grass snake in Rushy Pond

Video with caption

Link to a video with optional caption, please note this will fill the page width, so is usually only used on a 'generic' template. When using 'generic wide' it is better to use a UI card - video, and place it in a template to stop it taking on the full page width.

Weymouth Harbour live webcam
Weymouth Harbour live webcam

Info card row

A very flexible component, use this to display contact details, opening times, social media accounts, or plain text in a neat row on a homepage.

Opening times

The Dorsetforyou Digital Team office hours are:
Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm

Horizontal CTA

Designed specially for the 'generic wide' template, this horizontal CTA displays better than a 'standard CTA' as it's centred on the page.

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