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Common features web page


There are two kinds of hyperlinks:

  • internal links send users to another page on Dorsetforyou
  • external links send users to another website

It's really important that hyperlinks are always meaningful out of context, so a link that reads 'click here' is bad practice.

Here is an internal link to the homepage of Dorsetforyou. Internal links should open in the same window.

Here is an external link to the central Government website, You'll notice this link has a little symbol next to it. This symbol indicates to users that they'll be leaving this website. External links open in a new window.

Best practice tip - Front load your links if you can, this means they will look good on the page, especially on mobile phones, for example: is the central Government website for the UK.


We use tables on our website to display information like opening times.

Example of a table
 Day Opening hours
 Monday  9am to 5pm
 Tuesday  8:30am to 4pm
 Wednesday  12 noon to 3pm
 Thursday  9:15am to 5:30pm
Friday Closed

Sometimes it makes sense to use tables, but we try to avoid very large tables if we can because they are hard to read on mobile phones.

Bulleted and numbered lists

Bulleted lists

We use bulleted lists to help organise information on a page, and get to the point more quickly. Lists should always have a leading sentence. We don't put full stops at then end of bullets.

My favourite colours are:

  • red
  • blue
  • green

Numbered lists

We use numbered lists when we are describing a step-by-step process, or the items are in chronological order.

To apply for a disabled parking Blue Badge you must:

  1. check if you are eligible
  2. make sure you have your documents ready
  3. fill out our online application form


Anchoring is another type of link we use on web pages. When a user clicks on an anchor link it 'skips' them to another part of the same web page. This feature is useful on longer web pages when the user might want to quickly reach a particular part of information without scrolling.

Anchor link to the top of this web page.

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