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West Dorset air quality data 2021


Monitoring location: Dorchester Stratton House

Dorchester, Stratton House Data
Month  µg/m3
January  31 

Monitoring location: Dorchester Trinity Street

Dorchester, Trinity House Data
Month  µg/m3
January  25 

Monitoring location: Dorchester High East Street (Majestic Wines)

High East Street (Majestic Wines) Data
Month µg/m3 
January  27 

Monitoring location: Dorchester High East Street (Church House)

High East Street (Church House) Data
Month  µg/m3 
January  31 

Monitoring location: Dorchester The Grove

Dorchester, The Grove
Month   µg/m3 
January  29 

Monitoring location: Dorchester Maumbury Road

Dorchester, Maumbry Road Data
 Month µg/m3 
January   30

 Monitoring location: Dorchester Great Western Road

Dorchester, Great Western data
 Month µg/m3 
January  24 

Monitoring location: Dorchester Church Street

Dorchester, Church Street data
Month  µg/m3 
January  19 

Monitoring location: Dorchester Bridport Road

Dorchester, Bridport Road Data
 Month µg/m3 
January  23 

Monitoring location: Dorchester Borough Gardens

Dorchester, Borough Gardens Data
 Month µg/m3 
January  12 

Monitoring location: Dorchester High West Street (Homechester House)

High West Street (Homechester House) data
Month  µg/m3 
January  28 

Monitoring location: Dorchester, High East Street (Tom Browns)

High East Street (Tom Browns) data
 Month  µg/m3 
January   36


Monitoring location: Bridport 49 East Road (lamp post 12)

Bridport, 49 East Road Data
 Month  µg/m3 
January   30

Monitoring location: Bridport 45 East Road (lamp post 10)

Bridport, 45 East Road data
Month  µg/m3 
January  31 

Monitoring location: Bridport East Road (Roundabout Sign)

Bridport, East Road data
Month   µg/m3 
January  21 

Monitoring location: Bridport, 3 East Road (Askers Mead)

Bridport, 3 East Road (Askers Mead) data
 Month µg/m3 
January  24 

Monitoring location: Bridport East Road (bus stop)

East Road Bus Stop data
Month  µg/m3 
January  24 


Monitoring location: Chideock Hope Cottage

Chideock, Hope Cottage Data
 Month µg/m3 
January  15 

Monitoring location: Chideock Greenhill

Chideock, Greenhill data
 Month µg/m3 
January 13 

Monitoring location: Chideock Duck Street

Chideock, Duck Street Data
Month µg/m3  
January   25

Monitoring location: Chideock George Inn

Chideock, George Inn Data
Month  µg/m3 
January  17 

Monitoring location: Chideock Village Hall

Chideock, Village Hall Data
 Month µg/m3 
January 25 

Monitoring location: Chideock Whitecroft

Chideock, Whitecroft data
Month  µg/m3 
January  34 

Monitoring location: Chideock Warren House

Chideock, Warren House Data
Month  µg/m3 
January   17

Monitoring location: Chideock Hill Cottage

Chideock, Hill Cottage data
Month µg/m3 
January  47 


1. Dorset Council moved to SYAQS as sole supplier for diffusion tubes in April 20202.
2.Results are shown in µg/m33.
3.NR - Diffusion Tube was not returned (missing on site).

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