Infection Prevention Control Training

(Added 22 May 2020) Dorset CCG are delivering free IPC training, which they are hoping to complete by 29 May.  

Today, an offer from the national CCG teams has been published which takes the form of an interactive session as described in the letter previously circulated.  The dates and joining instructions can be found here.  If you do register, please let the Dorset CCG Quality Improvement Team know -

 Care Homes Resource Pack

(Added 22 May 2020) The Dorset CCG has developed a resource pack to support Care Homes 

Key visitors to Care Homes

(Added 22 May 2020) Please find attached poster promoting key visitors that also reassures Homes that your policies and procedures will be abided to.

Digital Social Care Technology Helpline

(Added 09 April 2020)  Digital Social Care has set up a new helpline to support the adult social care sector with harnessing technology during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This includes MS teams and video conferencing

Easement to Parking Restrictions

(Added 09 April 2020) Both Councils have made amendments to parking restrictions.

For BCP  Council please visit their News Item

For  Dorset Council, to support travel times between visits Parking Enforcement Officers will not be issuing penalty notices in car parks or residential restricted zones where carers have an "on call" notice that includes their organisation logo on their dashboard. This will be reviewed at the end of May and further advice confirmed then.  Please continue to park with consideration as all on-street restrictions are still in force.

Carers Support Dorset – News Page

(Added 9 April 2020)  Carers Support Dorset has a raft of information and guidance to support Carers during the Coronavirus outbreak.  Please share this link to the Carers Support Dorset News

Working with the police – Blue Light Card

(Added 01.04.2020)  It has been suggested that the following may be helpful to your carers to help the Police identify carers who are outside with service users, or travelling to service users, so on an essential duty:

  • Always carry ID badge
  • letter from the employer on headed paper confirming the reasons why it is essential that the member of staff is outside
  • providing high-visibility vest for carer to wear when accessing the community with a  service user
  • registering for a Blue Light Card(free if downloaded to a phone)

Fraudulent activity

(Added 01.04.2020)  Some providers in the BCP area have been approached by opportunists offering to sell face masks to care providers. Please continue to be vigilant about possible scams and fraudulent activity at this time. If you have an urgent requirement for PPE please refer to the national guidance

Free online resource to support the public sector in response to coronavirus

(Added 26.03.2020)  Skills for Health are offering a free online resource, as a key worker in the public sector, to learn about coronavirus symptoms, infection prevention, investigation and guidance to support you in your role. 

Don’t forget, you can access a large selection of other learning materials on SCILS using the code 486BCPLA and setting up an account, to support general training and CPD requirements.

Support for providers who are looking to recruit new staff during this pandemic

Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council are producing an advert which will run on online to promote the care sector to members of the public who are looking for paid work during the Covid19 crisis. This advert be available for Providers to use in your own recruitment efforts.

The advert will signpost the public to the Providers who hold a contract with BCP Council for Care and Support and Residential Care services.

Also, please ensure you have registered any job vacancies on the Department of Health and Social Care’s Find a Job web pages we will promote the site as a way for people to find vacancies in their local area.

Dorset Council is in the process of developing an offer to support provider recruitment.

Fast Track NHS Mail for Care Homes - Action Required

Added 27/03/2020:  Please refer to the email dated 27/03/2020 from Partners in Care  - the NHS has stipulated that during the Coronavirus Epidemic it is a priority that all Care Homes obtain NHS Mail.  This will aid the safe transfer of information. To support this Partners in Care are now able to fast track roll out of NHS Mail to the homes, without the need to complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit at this time.  

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