NHS Dorset Comms to Care Homes Newsletter

(Added 09 April 2020)  Please refer to the latest newsletter which includes training support for nurses within nursing homes:

NICE guidance for community based providers

(Added 09 April 2020)  The National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (NICE) has recently issued guidance on:

Caring for the deceased with suspected or confirmed coronavirus

(Added 01.04.2020)  Guidance was published on 31st March 2020 on caring for the deceased which includes information for residential care settings and hospices

Home care providers: supporting people who are self-isolating or have a coronavirus diagnosis

We want to work with all providers to be able to ensure the best level of support continues to be provided, whilst balancing this with ensuring our staff take the right precautions for their, and their families, health and wellbeing.

There is lots of government and Public Health England guidance available to support providers:

If you have any specific concerns or queries that you need to discuss, please contact the relevant commissioning team.

Both Council’s Commissioning Team are contacting providers within their area regularly by phone to offer support and will continue to do this as the situation develops.

Visits to people who are self isolating, have symptoms, or are formally diagnosed with coronavirus

There is national guidance to support these scenarios. We are in the process of planning commissioned responses to support scenarios where providers feel it is too risky for staff to visit people who are self isolating, have symptoms, or are formally diagnosed with coronavirus in their own homes. This includes looking at isolation bed facilities.

If there are specific cases of high risk concern, please contact the relevant funding organisation.

Informing us of occurrences of service users self-isolating and coronavirus

For concerns regarding specific service users, please contact the relevant funding organisation.

End of Life Care:  Guidance for Care Homes 

Added 27/03/2020:  Guidance that supports End of Life care for nursing and residential homes which also includes local contacts has been produced.  This will be updated as and when the guidance changes.


Added 30/03/2020:  The Resuscitation Council has issued a statement for anyone performing CPR or defibrillation in an out of hospital setting 

There is also guidance for first responders and others in close contact with symptomatic people on DirectGov


Added 30/03/2020:  Restore2 is a physical deterioration and escalation tool for nursing and care homes.  Online guidance to Restore2 contains links to all the Restore2 resources including the recently released Health Education England videos. The short videos describe how to take measurements from residents correctly (such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation), spots the signs of deterioration, and prevent the spread of infection.

These videos can also be accessed via the e-Learning for Health module:  Deterioration, NEWS and Sepsis in Care Homes.

Dorset CCG will be sending out the Restore2 paper tools to each care home in the coming week. The full tool which encompasses the taking and recording of physiological observations, will be sent to the majority of homes. The Restore2 Mini which records Soft signs only will also be sent out to homes who do not currently have equipment to take observations.

Dorset CCG will be arranging for a Restore2 Workbook to be printed and a copy sent out to each home, this will provide a useful quick guidance tool for staff  on the Restore2 tool and on how to take physiological observations.

Please email the DCCG Quality Improvement team on QIT@dorsetccg.nhs.uk if you have any further queries.

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