Hospital Discharge Service requirements

The government has set out how health and care systems should change arrangements for hospital discharge and the provision of community support in a.COVID-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements document.

Further guidance is available from the British Geriatrics Society

Unless required to be in hospital patients must not remain in an NHS bed. Discharges will be facilitated as soon as possible, normally within 2 hours, once the decision is made.

Admission and care of people in care homes

(Added 3 April 2020)  National guidance was published on 2 April for care homes, health protection teams, local authorities, CCGs and registered providers of accommodation for people who need personal or nursing care. It sets out how to admit and care for residents safely and protect care home staff. Read full guidance on admission and care of people in care homes.

Webinars are being offered by South West ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) to all registered care home managers and deputies, local authorities, CCGs, community service providers and those working in hospital discharge settings. This will include question and answer sessions. Book a place on Eventbrite.

Councils are currently reviewing the guidance to establish whether there is any further support we can offer at this time.  with the opportunity to ask questions and hear responses

Fast Track NHS Mail for Care Homes - Action Required

(Added 27.03.2020)  The NHS has stipulated that during the Coronavirus Epidemic it is a priority that all Care Homes obtain NHS Mail.  This will aid the safe transfer of information. To support this Partners in Care are now able to fast track roll out of NHS Mail to the homes, without the need to complete the Data Security and Protection Toolkit at this time.  

Existing residents 

Acute hospitals are required to upskill discharge staff to use ‘trusted assessments’ for care home residents in hospital, so they can return to their home promptly and to support care providers with the new arrangements. This will include assessments for equipment and reablement support where required.

New residents

Some people will need residential or nursing home care on discharge from hospital. This could be temporary (whilst domiciliary care is sourced) or permanent. Patients will not be able to wait in hospital for their choice of care home and will be allocated to a vacant bed that can support their needs in the short term. Care co-ordinators will follow up to ensure as soon as possible that residents can move to their chosen long-term placement.

All community assessments will not be required during this time and the NHS will fund all packages/placements until the coronavirus crisis is over. Community Assessments will recommence at that time.

Bed Capacity Tracker (NECS)

In order to support the NHS find placements within the 2 hour discharge timeframe all residential providers are required to register with NECSU - a bed capacity tracker.

(Added 31.03.2020) Further information guidance documents have been produced:

How to Register: Care Homes

User Guide:  Care Homes

How to Register:  Acute Community Providers

How to Register:  Hospice Providers

How to guide:  Busines Continuity

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