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Coronavirus (COVID-19): updates and advice.

Dorset Adult Social Care Community Response

We need your help

This is a difficult moment for everyone as we work together to ensure the welfare of vulnerable adults in Dorset. While we have had to stop the delivery of day services, we do still need your skills and staff to become part of the Dorset Adult Social Care Community Response.

All day care services providers are invited to become part of this scheme and we can offer payment for any capacity you are able to deliver. This will help your financial viability and be a big support to support us in the battle against coronavirus. The Dorset Adult Social Care Community Response will help people we support who are no longer able to attend day services and may include service users that are not currently part of your service.

The key elements of the scheme are:

  • providers give a short plan of likely capacity, skills they can offer and locations
  • commissioning agree cost of the service
  • contract in place
  • pro forma invoice submitted by end of the month for the next month – meaning you’ll get payment upfront to support your continued cash flow
  • daily capacity reported to the lead worker at the council who will work with you to allocate resource at a local level
  • at the end of the month, together we confirm the actual hours worked. If you have offered hours and we didn’t use them, then we will still pay for them.

How to apply

Applications to be part of the Dorset Adult Social Care Community Response are now open and the scheme will go live on Monday 30 March.

Please contact Jeanette Young for further details or to submit your plan:

Payments for day services

We are keen to separate any payments for care from whatever financial support you may be eligible for from central and/or local government at this time. The decision has therefore been taken that you should only invoice Dorset Council (or the direct payment recipients) for care delivered, and therefore your usual invoicing should be suspended from the point at which you closed your doors.

Neither Dorset Council nor Direct Payment recipients should now make any payments to your services for regular day care services that have now ceased.

If you have already agreed to continue to support those you have been working with while they are unable to attend regular day services, for example for meals, shopping, FaceTime or similar calls, etc. then these need to be invoiced as Coronavirus Support Services. Fees for these services should be reasonable and reflect the amount of time spent delivering the service.

If the service users fund your work via direct payments, then you may flex your services to continue and support them. As stated above fees for these services should be reasonable and reflect the amount of time spent delivering the service. DP users will be informed shortly of the guidance being issued to providers.

If you are a provider of supported living and day care was an element of a larger package of care, then it is expected that you can continue to deliver care for the entire period at the currently agreed package prices and therefore, the situation will not affect you in terms of invoicing.

Where the coronavirus advice has caused you to close your business entirely, we would like to direct you to GOV.UK information on COVID-19 support for businesses.

For invoicing queries regarding the closure of Day Care Services, please use your usual contacts.

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