This is undoubtedly a difficult time. We're all working in different circumstances than we're used to. Regular updates from the government about how we can stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic means we have to be flexible and adapt to different ways of living our lives. 

We want to reassure you that the full range of our Employee Wellbeing support is still available for anyone who needs support at this time. Contact us for wellbeing advice if you're an individual, a manager or a colleague:

How you may be feeling

For some of us, being at home will provide us with a sense of security; safety from the troubles they see in the world around them. For others, that isolation will cause feelings of low mood, anxiety and depression. It could also increase poor eating, drinking and sleeping habits. Some of us may be home schooling our children while the schools are closed. Some will be trying to do a job they've always done from an office, surrounded by home distractions of family members and pets. Others will be living alone, unable to see family and friends.

Looking after our wellbeing during times like this is essential. As the coronavirus pandemic develops it's normal to experience a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions, including:

  • feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • anxiety, worry or fear
  • racing thoughts
  • sadness, tearfulness, loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities
  • physical symptoms like increased heart rate, stomach upset, fatigue or other uncomfortable sensations
  • frustration, irritability or anger
  • restlessness or agitation
  • feeling helpless
  • difficulty concentrating or sleeping
  • feeling disconnected from others
  • having trouble relaxing

Focus on what you can control

When many things feel uncertain or out of our control, one of the most effective ways to help us cope is to focus on the actions that we can control.

During this time of change it's natural for our minds to think of all the unusual activities we may not be able to do now. Make a conscious shift to focus on the activities we're still able to do or those we may have more opportunity to do if we're at home more often.

Coronavirus coping kit

There's no doubt the coronavirus has brought extra challenges to our wellbeing. This part of the coronavirus coping kit covers a range of wellbeing topics to help you stay physically and mentally well during this time of isolation and social distancing. We also signpost you to more support if you need it.

We've covered a range of topics; not all may apply to you but they may apply to someone you know. It's important that we look after our own wellbeing, but make sure we're also supporting those around us to look after their wellbeing too.