During a period of change and uncertainty we will all have things that trigger our worries and concerns. The impact of coronavirus may mean that you are unable to work, must self-isolate or shield yourself from family, friends and colleagues.

Those who can continue working are hopefully doing so with the support of the technology, their line manager and their team. But though many people can continue working, others within their household may not be able to. This could generate concerns around managing your finances.

If you’re claiming benefits or living with someone who is worried about work or reduced pay/Statutory Sick Pay or is self-employed, the Dorset Council website can signpost you to some money advice services.

If you are a Dorset Council area resident and you have concerns about or problems paying your Council Tax, you can contact our Council Tax team where you live for advice. 

The government are also producing regular guidance around employment and financial support. Check the coronavirus information page to find out more.

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