This is a great starting point for wellbeing. Extensive research has shown there are 5 simple activities you can incorporate into daily life to improve your sense of wellbeing and build resilience.

Think of these as your 5 a day for positive wellbeing. It's often when we're stressed that we forget to practise the very things that help us feel good. By doing these activities you can help relieve pressure and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

How to apply the 5 ways to wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic

5 ways to wellbeing is very much geared towards connecting with people, getting out and about, and engaging with new experiences. But how does this work with self-isolation and social distancing. When we're all having to live and work in different and often difficult circumstances, we need these ‘5 ways’ more than ever. 

Over the next few pages of your coronavirus coping kit, there are many suggestions of how you can look after yourself and adapt the 5 ways for the current situation we are in. Once you’ve read through the 5 ways to wellbeing, you might like to think about joining the ‘5 ways challenge’ run by LiveWell Dorset which has tips, ideas and inspiration for how to stay well.

Action for Happiness also has a great Coping Calendar that you can download for free with daily activities to keep you grounded.