During this time, it’s important that our remote teams stay motivated and engaged, with a sense of purpose to their work. Follow our advice to help you do this:

Communicate regularly

Help your teams feel less isolated and that they're still part of a team. Be reassuring, support the messages from leaders across the organisation and ensure there is balance or work and non-work communication amongst your team. Read more about working from home.

Give praise where it's due

Many remote workers can lose motivation as it can seem that their work goes unappreciated. As a manager take the time to recognise good work and respond accordingly. This also really helps your team understand what they’ve done has helped Dorset Council succeed. A simple call or email praising work can go a long way.

Continue to live the council’s behaviours

Our behaviours are at the core of everything we do. Even in this challenging time make sure our behaviours remain at the centre of how we make decisions, demonstrate leadership and what we expect from our teams as employees of Dorset Council.

Focus on goals and outcomes

For some, working virtually can feel more confusing and unpredictable than working in an office. Keep engagement high by giving clear direction to your team on objectives and outcomes, so that they understand what’s expected and can work independently, or more likely, interdependently.

Feelings of uncertainty will be trickier for you to detect in the virtual world, so go the extra mile to sense check understanding with your team. Help them see how their activities can be carried out in new ways, and make sure they know how to remotely access the resources they need to do their jobs from home.

Share learning and new ideas

Some of your team members will easily come up with new ways of working, while others may struggle with this. Encourage your teams to share new ideas and learnings.

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