As a manager, you're often focused on the emotional turmoil of your direct reports. But it's equally important for you to take care of yourself. Safeguarding against typical issues such as burnout and stress should be a priority. Be willing and able to share the load, ensuring that there's enough capacity to enable employees at all levels to have some downtime.

Investing in your wellbeing now will help you to sustain your effectiveness over the weeks and months ahead. Some tips to help you are:

  • take one day at a time
  • try to avoid negative thoughts or talk
  • take 5 minutes of private breaks as and when needed; don’t neglect yourself
  • prioritise and focus; concentrate on major issues only, skip secondary tasks
  • spend time with those in your household (if safe to do so), try a new hobby, meditate, read; try to relax

Read our wellbeing section for more tips for looking after yourself and your team.

Resources to help manage your wellbeing

Read our resources to help you manage your wellbeing:

  • Mental Health at Work toolkit: a resource site for a range of tools that may be suitable for helping you to support your staff at this time
  • read the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) has produced a 20-read the page briefing document from the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) on addressing the mental health and psychosocial aspects of the current situation

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