If you have an apprentice or apprentices in your team, they should now have been contacted by their training provider and be clear on the work they need to be undertaking.

Read the current guidance from Gillian Keegan the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills during the coronavirus.

Keep up with your off the job training

For now, the important thing is to try and stay on top of and continue to record the 20% off the job training. There has been no update from the ESFA in terms of suspending this and we don’t want a mad scrabble at the end of programmes to get the time recorded.

Find good free online courses from FutureLearn.

LinkedIn always has good updates and articles.

Keep these three questions in mind when discussing the 20%:

  • is the activity directly relevant to the apprenticeship?
  • is the activity teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours?
  • is the learning taking place in normal working hours?

The OD toolkits contain lots of tips and guidance for supporting your teams and if you have any queries specific to your apprentice during this coronavirus pandemic, contact the Learning and Development Consultant for your Directorate:

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