There are lots of things you as an individual can do right now to help in the fight against climate change.


Following the Dorset Council principle of "Right Tree, Right Place", a tree planting checklist has been put together by Dorset Council and its partners to provide advice on selecting and planting of trees.

Planting flowering trees, shrubs and other plants around your garden helps with supporting biodiversity. Composting your garden and food waste is another easy way to help the environment.

Find out how to make your garden environmentally-friendly


Eating less meat and buying locally sourced food wherever possible will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Find out how your diet might contribute to climate change and how to change it


Cycling and walking have huge benefits for your health, can save you hundreds of pounds every year and are great for the environment. If you are less able-bodied, use public transport where you can. Air travel can also be avoided if trains and/or ferries can be used, or avoided altogether by holidaying within the UK. Electric vehicles can help reduce your carbon emissions too.

Find out more about sustainable travel


Recycling your waste is good, but reusing stuff is better and reducing how much waste you produce, especially food waste, is best.

Find out how to reduce the amount of waste your household produces


Cutting down on your electricity use through devices such as LED lights and energy-efficient appliances can save you money.  Investing in your home’s heating system and insulation will also cut down energy use, especially during the colder months. Installing solar panels and/or buying from electricity suppliers that use renewable energy can also help.

Find out how you can save energy around your home

Green Dorset

There is also some great advice on offer from the Green Dorset team.

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