Mandatory face coverings on Dorset school buses

From Monday 15 June 2020 you must wear a face covering (also known as a face mask) when you travel on public transport.

Dorset Travel routes affected

Our public transport routes that are covered by this are:

  • X2
  • X3
  • X4
  • X8
  • X10
  • X11
  • X12
  • X51
  • X54
  • service 5
  • service 6A
  • service 20
  • service 187

Our school bus routes that are also public transport services

We have a number of school routes that are also public transport services. You must wear a face covering or face mask when you travel on these school bus routes:

School bus services into Beaminster:

  • B1
  • B2
  • B4

School bus services into Sir John Colfox Academy, Bridport:

  • B5
  • C1
  • C2

School bus services into The Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis:

  • A1
  • A2

Not all bus routes will operate from 15 June 2020. 

School transport operators will not leave anyone behind if they're not wearing a face covering. This is for safeguarding reasons.

This whole policy may change we we get new advice from the government.

Using other school transport

For other dedicated school transport we strongly recommend you wear a face covering or mask but it's not mandatory. This is because dedicated school transport usually has a more consistent group, including:

  • drivers
  • passengers
  • passenger assistants if they're travelling

Exceptions to this school transport policy

There may be exceptions to this policy, for example:

  • drivers: where they're separated from the public by the bus's design
  • passenger assistants: where it may upset a child passenger if they wear a face covering
  • passengers: where primary school age passengers or children with a medical condition have difficulty wearing a face covering

Missed buses

Check the updates and disruptions page if the bus is over 15 minutes late.

Contact School Transport if there are no updates listed for your route.

If you have missed your bus, use alternative travel. Your travel pass is only valid on your given route.

Lost property

Bus safety

Safety and conduct on the bus

See the school bus conduct and safety information which has safety guidelines for:

  • students
  • parents
  • bus drivers
  • teachers

Serious incidents

Check for updates and disruptions if the bus your child is travelling on has been in a serious incident.

Contact School Transport if there is no information available about the incident:

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