Students from reception to year 11

To get a place on the surplus Seat Travel Scheme for the next school year (September 2019), you must apply by 31 May. 

We will try to confirm the allocation of surplus seats before the start of the autumn term in September. If the bus route is nearly full, this may take longer. Applications made at other times of the school year will be processed as soon as possible.

Make sure alternative travel arrangements are in place until you receive confirmation of a surplus seat, even if the student had a surplus seat in the previous academic year.

Students in year 12 and 13

Students in year 12 and 13 may be eligible to pay for school transport through the Surplus Seat Travel Scheme. The council can assist with travel expenses in  certain circumstances. Some schools and sixth forms also provide bursaries to individual students.

To find out more, contact your school or sixth form.

Costs and payments

Find out about charges for surplus seats, how to pay and refunds

Apply for a place

Complete our form to request a seat. Once you have applied, you will receive an email with details on what happens next.