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If you avoid paying for care

If you deliberately give away assets such as money or property to avoid paying for your care, we will do your assessment and consider that you still have that money. 

You will have to pay for your care as if you still have the money, even though you gave it away.

This is because you have deprived yourself of assets.

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What will Dorset Council do

We will:

  • find out when you gave the money or property away, and what was happening in your life at the time
  • decide whether you did this deliberately to avoid paying for care

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Pay back for your care

If you have deprived yourself of assets, we will:

  • ask you to pay back the money you owe us
  • calculate your payments as if you still own the money or property
  • ask the person who received the gift to give it back

If a power of attorney or deputy made the decision, we will ask the court of protection to decide whether they did this in your best interests.

If you do not agree with our decisions, you can make a complaint to the council.

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