Bridport Harbour, West Bay

Bridport (West Bay) harbour is 15 miles west of Dorchester at the western end of Chesil Beach.

Boat moorings

The harbour has 147 drying moorings with the majority let for private use. There are 15 commercial moorings for either fishing vessels or passenger vessels carrying fewer than 12 people. There is currently a waiting list for a mooring. Information regarding eligibility and management of moorings can be found in the harbour policy, rules and regulations.

Visiting craft

Visiting fishing boats and commercial vessels can berth by the East Pier.

Visiting leisure craft can berth against the pontoon that has been provided, which runs up through the middle of the harbour. 

There is a chart of the harbour on Admiralty chart SC3315. Visitors should contact the harbour staff when planning their passage to confirm depth available:

Phone: 01308 423222

Mobile: 07870 240636

Radio: VHF channel 16, working channel 11

Boat and trailer parking

Bridport harbour operates a large boat park to the rear of the George Hotel. The boat park is a secure compound with CCTV and an electronic key fob entry system.

The park holds approximately 70 boats and has a short waiting list. Contact the Harbourmaster to be added to the waiting list.

There is a large area at the top of the slipway for people launching on the slipway to store their trailer. The slipway area will store approximately 100 trailers.

Air and nitrox

Supplies of air and nitrox are available at Bridport Harbour office, air can be filled anytime during opening hours. Visit the harbour office to pay and for assistance with filling bottles. Servicing is also available for dive bottles and equipment.

Bridport Harbour Air Station Prices 2019

Bridport Harbour Air Station Prices 2019
   3L 7L  10L  12L  15L
Air  £4.50  £5.50 £5.50  £6.00  £6.00
32%  £5.50 £6.00   £7.00  £7.50  £8.00
36%  £6.00  £6.50  £8.00  £8.50  £9.00
40%  £6.50  £7.00  £8.50  £9.00  £10.00
50%  £8.00  £8.50  £11.00  £12.00  £13.00
 80%  £9.50  £13.00  £16.00  £19.00  £22.00
 100%  £10.50  £15.00  £19.00  £22.00  £26.00

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 7pm (weather dependant) in the summer season.


Harbour facilities include:

  • 10 metre wide slipway where you can launch at any state of the tide into 0.75 metres of water. Please note that launching with south easterly winds can be difficult so you should check with the harbour staff when these occur as the slipway could be closed
  • pontoons for passenger landing, loading and unloading boats launched on the slipway and for leaving your boat overnight 
  • shelter in the outer harbour for vessels with 0.75 metre draft at all states of the tide
  • power and water for visiting vessels
  • wash off area for divers
  • shower facility
  • general chandlery shop
  • air and nitrox supply
  • summer boat storage
  • summer kayak storage
  • boat lifter
  • vessel servicing and maintenance
  • pilotage
  • dry dock area

Harbour dues and charges

The harbour dues and charges for 2020-2021 came into effect on 1 April 2020.

See the harbour dues and charges for 2021-2022, which come into effect on 1 April 2021.

Bridport harbour users group

Read the minutes from the Bridport Harbour user group meeting held at The Salt House, West Bay on 21 October 2019.

West Bay flood defence

View the West Bay flood defence update for information on the presentation shown at the harbour consultation meeting held in October 2016.

Safety and waste management

The ​Port Marine Operations Plan​ was drawn up to comply with the Port Marine Safety Code. There is also a Port Waste Management Plan.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

It is necessary that we collect your data in order to deliver these services. DCP will always treat your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In order to comply with GDPR, we are required to provide you with some information about your rights and how we will use your  data.

Bridport Harbour Privacy Notice.

Contact us

Harbourmaster - West Bay

Name: Harbourmaster - West Bay
Name: Harbourmaster's Office
Tel: 01308 423222
Full contact details

Deputy Harbourmaster - West Bay

Name: Deputy Harbourmaster - West Bay
Tel: 01308 423222
Full contact details

Harbour Management (Bridport)

Tel: 01305 251010
Full contact details

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