Dorset Biodiversity Appraisal Protocol, Dorset Compensation Framework


This information is for developers, landowners and managers. Under the Dorset Biodiversity Appraisal Protocol, compensation funds may be secured for the residual loss of habitat from development. Here the process is explained and how the funds are used to create or restore habitats across Dorset.

Financial compensation is only considered as a last resort when the planning authority is minded to grant planning permission after the mitigation hierarchy; avoid, mitigate and compensate (firstly off-site habitat compensation and secondly financial compensation). Multipliers are used to calculate the cost of creating and maintaining habitats. More information is available on our Biodiversity Appraisal Protocol page.

Compensation delivery

We will deliver compensatory habitats as close as possible to where the loss has occurred, however there may occasions when this will not always be possible. Criteria are used to ensure compensatory habitat contributes appropriately to ecological networks, achieving the best outcomes for Dorset’s natural environment.

How we plan to do this

The compensation funds may be used to create or restore habit on land owned and managed by us or by environmental organizations. We recognize the importance of Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) to biodiversity across the wider countryside and support the survey, restoration and expansion of this network of local habitat sites. We seek opportunities to work with Town and Parish Councils in areas where funds have been secured.

The governance

The allocation of S106 funding for compensation is overseen by a steering group made up of representatives from Dorset Council, Natural England, the Local Nature Partnership and Dorset Wildlife Trust. Final sign-off lies with Senior Officers depending on the level of funding commitment. All compensation is secured with standard management agreements.

How you can get involved to deliver mitigation

If you would like an informal conversation about a potential project please contact us.

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