Allotments in Portland are managed by Portland Town Council

Annual allotment charges

The annual rent can vary depending on the site but this will be made clear when making your application.

£29.20 for a 125m² (or five rod plot)

£27.65 for those aged over 60

Grove Road allotment waiting list

Grove, Grove Road, Portland currently has a waiting list of 17 people.

Download a Plot Holder's Guide for useful ideas and help.

Special provisions have been made for disabled gardeners. Please contact Portland Town Council for more details.

Apply for an allotment

Allotment tenancy rules and conditions

Plot holders must conform to the allotment tenancy rules and conditions

Composting on allotments

Composting on your allotment is an ideal way to recycle your garden waste and provides a dark, soil like substance that can be used to enrich and improve the quality of your garden soil, helping it to retain moisture and support healthy plant growth. It also helps to protect the environment as every bit of household waste that is composted reduces the need for landfills. 

Composting can take anything from 6 weeks to a year. Softer items such as grass decompose faster than woody material but both types should be added to your compost to ensure a good mix. Many weeds and almost any non-woody plants can be composted. Find out more about composting.

Bonfires on allotments

You must adhere to these rules when lighting a bonfire on an allotment:

  • compost rather than burn where possible. Materials that can't be composted or burnt should be taken to a tip
  • move stored material to a new location between April and the end of September before lighting your bonfire between October and the end of March so that any animals using the store as a home can escape
  • only burn when weather conditions are suitable to avoid causing a nuisance to local residents (wind drift)
  • don't set fire to large piles of material - start your bonfire with a medium stack and then add more material when it is very hot
  • only burn on your own plot, do not light fires for others
  • in the event of a reasonable complaint to the plot holder from another tenant or a member of the public with regard to a nuisance being caused, the bonfire must be extinguished immediately
  • please ensure that the bonfire is extinguished, if not burnt out, by dusk
  • all bonfires should be extinguished before you leave the site - do not let the fire smoulder after you have gone

Any violation of times or conditions will lead to termination of tenancy.

What can be burnt

  • organic matter such as wood, prunings and dry vegetable matter
  • pernicious weeds (when dry), such as Japanese Knotweed and plants infected with fungal diseases like Club Root, Downey Mildew or White Rot

What can't be burnt

  • other material that wasn't produced on your plot
  • non-vegetable matter such as plastic, rubber, roofing felt, bitumen or carpet
  • flammable liquids, such as old sump oil

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