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Public participation time at Council meetings - Purbeck

Your opportunity to have your say - a guide to our procedures.

What can I do?

  1. Public participation time is an opportunity for you to raise issues of concern or interest. You may ask a question, make a statement or deputation or present a petition.
  2. You can participate at the beginning of council meetings, which take place monthly on Tuesdays in the council chamber at Westport House at 7pm.
  3. Similar procedures will be used at public meetings of the council's committees. However, different arrangements are used at meetings of the Planning Committee where, subject to advance registration, members of the public may speak for up to three minutes on individual planning applications.
  4. View the date and times of meetings.
  5. Participation normally should relate to matters where the council has powers or duties or which directly affect the district. The chairman will not allow any participation which is of a personal nature or which relates to individual issues.

NB For participation on planning applications being considered at Planning Committee, view the separate guidance.

How do I participate?

  1. At the appropriate time, the chairman will ask anyone wishing to participate to indicate this.
  2. You will be invited to address the chairman, who may ask an appropriate councillor or officer to reply in the case of a question.
  3. A deputation should not exceed five people, only one of whom should speak.

How long do I have?

  1. Fifteen minutes will be allowed for participation at the start of the meetings, although exceptionally this may be extended.
  2. Each question or statement should not exceed three minutes, or five minutes in the case of a deputation.
  3. The chairman may permit supplementary questions relating to the original question, taking account of the length of your original question and answer and any other anticipated public participation.

What happens then?

  1. When you ask a question the answer may take the form of:
    1. a direct oral response; or
    2. where relevant information is contained in a publication of the council, reference to that publication; or
    3. where the reply to your question cannot conveniently be given orally, an undertaking to provide a written answer.
  2. When you make a statement, present a petition or are part of a deputation, the chairman may allow a brief response. Alternatively the issue you have raised may be referred to an appropriate meeting for debate and any councillor may propose this.
  3. The minutes of the meeting will summarise public participation proceedings.

Petitions received

A petition supported by 219 individuals was received on 23 April 2018 relating to the Old Malthouse Estate, Langton Matravers.

Democratic and Electoral Services Manager - Purbeck

Name: Kirsty Riglar
Tel: 01929 557221
Full contact details for Democratic and Electoral Services Manager - Purbeck

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