In Dorset Libraries, customers are required to agree to the following terms and conditions, before they use a Go Online computer.

What we offer

In Dorset Libraries we offer:

  • free public access computers for everyone to use. Sessions are for one hour. Use for a further period is available depending on demand. The service supports 'learning for life' and helps to provide information, intellectual development and enrichment to the community
  • access to the internet and computer applications such as Microsoft Word, spreadsheets and email
  • the internet service we provide is a 'filtered' service, available through Dorset Council's internet service provider. We filter sites which are not appropriate in a public library environment, or restrict access to the internet for particular uses. We will consider unblocking on request an individual site that has been filtered. Dorset Council will retain the final decision. Please be aware that the internet is not a secure medium and that others may be able to obtain information regarding your online activities

Please note:

  • we do not provide a managed email service. Customers can subscribe to one of the many web-based services
  • we do not provide data storage so you will need to save your work to a storage device. Dorset Council accepts no responsibility for damage to any computer user's storage device when used in conjunction with a Go Online computer
  • all libraries have assistive hardware, for example, a large keyboard and mouse
  • printing is available and charges are displayed in the libraries
  • Dorset Library Service does not accept responsibility for any data lost as a result of printing failure

Who can use our computer services

Information about who can use our computer services:

  • anyone, including non-residents, can use our computer facilities
  • customers will require a library card to use the computers. Non-users must produce ID with their name on it in order to access the computers
  • customers are reminded that library membership cards are not transferable
  • the parent or guardian of any child aged 15 years or under must give their consent for their child to use the computers
  • parents and carers are responsible for setting and communicating the standards their children should follow when using the computers
  • our staff will do everything they reasonably can to prevent children aged 15 years or under using the internet where we do not have parental consent
  • no more than 2 people are permitted at a workstation at any one time

Access to our computers

Information about accessing our computers:

  • Dorset Library Service operates a direct login system which allows Dorset Library Service members to access most computers using their library membership number
  • subject to availability most terminals can be self-booked within a customer's session at the library, or by staff
  • in some small libraries future sessions can only be self-booked
  • larger libraries have express terminals which cannot be booked in advance and can only be used for 15 minutes. 
  • from time to time, computers may be reserved for courses or organised events
  • making a booking does not guarantee you time on the computers if there are technical problems or other unavoidable events at any library

What customers are responsible for


  • must behave in a responsible, ethical and legal way at all times
  • must consent to this computer use policy before being allowed to logon. If we think anyone is misusing or abusing our equipment, we can stop access to our computers, in line with Dorset Council's library bylaws, or rules and regulations. Failure to comply with this computer use policy will result in the withdrawal of access to the computer facilities and possible legal action
  • must not use the computers for direct personal gain at the expense of any other person, or for any illegal activity
  • must not transmit or view any illegal material; this includes copyright material, threatening or obscene material, pornography, or information protected by trade secrets law
  • are responsible for logging on and logging off; this helps provide security, by stopping anyone else from seeing what the previous customer has been doing

Computers and the law

Information about our computers and the law:

  • Dorset Library Service has no control over the information provided on the internet; it cannot be held responsible for the content or accuracy of any information that customers obtain. Customers can download and print material, but it is up to the customers to make sure that they follow the Copyright Design and Patent Act (1988) when they create, download or print material
  • Dorset Council accepts no liability for any loss or penalty computer users suffer, including financial loss. Use of your credit card is at your own risk
  • transmission or the viewing of any material in violation of any laws is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright material, threatening or obscene material, illegal, pornographic material or material protected by trade secrets legislation
  • library staff may contact the police if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that a criminal act has been committed, or if library bye-laws have been infringed. We reserve the right to trace emails and URLs used on any particular machine

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