If you're worried about your child and they're in childcare you can talk to:

  • your childcare provider
  • a health care professional

They will be able to give you advice about their progress and talk about any worries you have.

Childcare providers must meet the needs of all children. If you are worried you should talk to a:

  • key-worker
  • manager
  • teacher

You may also want to speak to the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO).

Integrated review

Once your child is 2, they will have a health review. This is done by your health visitor or a school nurse. They will talk to you about your child's progress and help you with any concerns.

Your childcare provider will also invite you to talk about your child's learning progress.

The health review and learning review are used to create an integrated review. This will help to draw a complete picture of your child's progress.

Find out more about the reviews.

Further support

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