Age range

4 to 9 years (Year 1 to Year 4).


The Pod can accommodate up to 10 pupils with a pupil to staff ratio of 2.5:1.

Core offer

The core offer includes:

  • flexible approach
  • visual supports used throughout, including visual timetables
  • bespoke package for each pupil, including an individualised curriculum
  • time in mainstream classes on a personalised and flexible basis
  • Speech and Language Therapy interventions, including Lego Therapy
  • equipment and interventions for sensory needs, with a focus on developing self-regulation skills. This includes a sensory room.
  • high level of parental/family involvement
  • dedicated classroom with individual workstations
  • sensory spaces
  • pupils in Year 2 take part in Forest School

Links with mainstream

The Pod has a flexible approach to including pupils in the mainstream school, depending on individual abilities and needs. Pupils are supported by a member of staff from the Pod when they spend time in mainstream classes. The aim is for pupils to spend more time in mainstream than they do in the Pod.

Access to outside professionals

There is a Speech and Language Therapist on site for 1.5 days per week and the school is in the process of sourcing an Occupational Therapist.

Transitions and supporting independence

Potential new pupils are visited in their current setting by staff from the Pod. They are also invited to visit the Pod and provided with a photobook to support their transition if a place is agreed.

There are close links with West Moors Middle School (including Chameleon HQ) and Tregonwell Academy which enables pupils to be well supported when they move on from the Pod.

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