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Improving reviews of education, health and care (EHC) plans

You may know the reviews as annual reviews.

Your child's education, health and care (EHC) plan should be reviewed at least once every year.

The review meeting must look at:

  • the progress your child has made towards outcomes on the plan
  • whether the outcomes remain appropriate

The review should also consider:

  • the educational provision that's in place
  • any health and social care provision
  • setting and reviewing interim targets

It's also a chance for everyone to get together to look at what's working well, what isn't and anything that needs changing. The review includes professionals, parents and children or young people. 

We want to make sure that the process is working well. This is so that we can make sure children and young people are making progress and have effective provision in place to enable this.

Starting the review work

We wanted a current snapshot of what people who are taking part in reviews thought of the process and if they thought it was effective. This includes:

  • professionals
  • parents
  • the child
  • the young person

Review questionnaire

We sent out a short questionnaire to all special and mainstream settings. We asked the settings to give a copy of this questionnaire to anyone attending a review in a three-week period during February and March 2019.

It was really important for us to hear the voices of all the different people involved in a review to get their perspective. This included professionals, family members and most importantly, children and young people themselves.

We took this approach so that we captured:

  • the views of all participants at a review
  • the feedback, immediately after the meeting. This helps us understand what that experience felt like 

We were pleased to receive over 400 completed questionnaires. We asked anyone who completed a questionnaire if they would like to get more involved in helping us improve reviews of the EHC plan. We met with some of those parents, professionals and young people on 24 April 2019. We looked at the initial feedback and considered: 

  • the purpose of a review of an EHC plan
  • what we can do to make it better

What we need to do now

After a very useful and productive session, the key areas we identified for further work include:

  • what the preparation work for the review should look like
  • what guidance and information should be available 
  • making sure outcomes and the EHC plan are at the heart of the review
  • the person-centered review format
  • updating EHC plans and outcomes after a review

How you can help

We're planning another workshop to carry on with this work. 

You can help us by completing our questionnaire. This questionnaire closes on 31 May 2019. 

Complete our questionnaire

Complete this questionnaire about your experience of a recent review for an EHC plan. Closing date is 31 May 2019.

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