Dorset Council (DC) is working hard to improve the way it works with you and with partner organisations like the NHS and schools. This will help us make sure every child with SEND reaches their full potential. 

Read an easy-read version of our SEND strategy.

Dorset SEND strategy

To help us make these changes we've written a document called the Dorset SEND strategy that outlines the changes we need to make. 

You don't need to read the whole document; we've created this short summary so you can see the sorts of things we want to change and improve. 

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Summary of the Dorset SEND strategy

We know that we could do better for families with SEND in Dorset. 

We know agencies need to work better together to improve outcomes for our young people. We want to make sure that every young person with SEND gets the best support from us so they can reach their full potential. 

This is how we will work together.

Our vision

Our vision is:

  • we want children with SEND to be happy and have a great education, near home, with support they can trust
  • we want to give children and young people with SEND the very best chance to succeed in life
  • we will support children and young people with SEND to maximise their potential and prepare them for adulthood
  • we want young people with SEND to have every available opportunity to work and live full, healthy and independent lives

How we're going to change

We will change by doing these actions:

  • all partners will work together to ensure the best outcome for your family
  • we will provide information and advice that is on time and easy to understand 
  • we will work closely with and listen to children, young people and their families
  • we will make sure we are accountable through monitoring and quality assurance
  • we will ensure our financial tracking systems are improved

We will

We will also:

  • make it easier for you to get support 
  • put your needs at the heart of all we do
  • focus on making positive differences 
  • work together as a single system
  • deliver a seamless pathway to adulthood and independence