Dorset children who need care

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There are many different types of foster care. Here are some where we need your help:

Short-term foster carers

Short-term foster carers look after children for a few weeks or months while more permanent arrangements are made for them, or they return home.

Long-term foster carers

Not all children return home after being fostered and some older children need a permanent home where long-term foster care is the best option.

Specialist fostering

Specialist fostering is for older children and teenagers who are struggling with the changes and pressures of adolescence.

Parent and child foster carers

Parent and child foster carers support and advise the parent (mother or father) of a baby or young child who is having difficulties. The parent and their child are temporarily placed together in foster care with the aim of returning to their own home with support when they're ready.

Short breaks

Part-time care provides regular short breaks for children who are disabled; for example, this could be an evening a week or a weekend a month.

Full-time placements

Full time placements are for children who are disabled and need to be looked after by foster carers.

Supported lodgings

The Supported Lodgings scheme, as an alternative to fostering, provides homes for vulnerable 16 to 25-year-olds. You rent out your spare bedroom and shared facilities in your home to support the young person to learn to live independently.

Shared care or respite

Shared care or respite is caring for a child for part of the week until they can return home, or while another carer is on holiday.

Refugee and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

Refugee and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, usually teenagers who are separated from their families and need safe homes.

Family and friends care

Find out about family and friends care.

Private fostering

Find out about private fostering