A child protection conference is where professionals meet to agree the best way to try to keep you safe. Together, they agree a plan on who is doing what and when. This is called a child protection plan. 

Who goes to your child protection conference?

Lots of people go, including:

  • your social worker
  • your advocate
  • your family
  • your carer
  • doctors
  • teachers 
  • professionals
  • and you

Everyone's role is to be kind and to be there to help you. 

This is what should happen. Make sure you speak out to your advocate if you notice it isn't happening. 

Professionals must listen to you.

Professionals must do what's best for you.

Together you will make a plan to help support and keep you safe.

You can ask to go to the meeting. Professionals will nearly always allow you to go. If you aren't allowed to go, they will explain why.

Jargon alert

Professionals might call it a 'CP conference'.

Find out more in this short video:

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