We invited children and young people to have their say on what was important to them.

What would make Dorset the best place to grow up?

During July 2020 we held a social media campaign to ask our children and young people: what would make Dorset the best place to grow up?

Here's a summary of what children and young people said is important:

  • getting involved, having a say and making a difference, through social action for example
  • having things to do; activities to go to and being able to play
  • being and feeling safe
  • a kind and happy Dorset
  • being healthy and having access to things that support good physical and emotional health
  • caring for each other and looking after people in the community when they need help
  • looking after the environment
  • having accessible places that everyone can get to
  • being able to learn skills for the future, for example in technology
  • being proud of our community and celebrating Dorset role models

Watch a video of all the entries to the I Live in Dorset competition (6 minutes 34 seconds):

We've produced a full report of all the things children and young people told us. The people who are leading this work are using this information to shape how we deliver the plan.

Governance and oversight

The Dorset Strategic Alliance for Children and Young People will be responsible for the governance and oversight of this plan.

A senior partner will lead each priority within the plan. They will work with colleagues from across the partnership to make sure we deliver the commitments within this plan.

The Strategic Alliance will monitor progress against the plan at meetings once a quarter. The senior partner leading each priority will be responsible for monitoring and driving progress.

We will publish a report every year to report on the progress we make.